IsraAID dispatches delegation to Bulgaria to help Syrian refugees


First Jordan, now Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID went to Bulgaria to render assistance for additional influx of Syrian refugees.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel continues to reach out to aid refugees of the ongoing Syrian civil war, this time by sending assistance to refugee camps in Bulgaria.

Israeli Aid Follows Syrian Refugees to Europe

Israeli Aid Follows Syrian Refugees to Europe

The Israeli NGO umbrella group IsraAID last week dispatched a delegation to Bulgaria to help deal with the influx of Syrian refugees arriving in the eastern European nation via neighboring Turkey.

There are currently about 11,000 Syrian refugees living in three camps in Bulgaria, including two camps in the capital of Sofia. Conditions in the camps are cramped, with minimal access to public services and rampant poor hygiene.

The Bulgarian government recently called for international assistance in dealing with the Syrian refugees, and IsraAID was one of the few to answer the call. The Israeli delegation departed with food and other essential supplies, as well as a team of psychologists who will provide care for trauma victims.

The Israeli psychologists will also run workshops for local social workers in Sofia so they, too, can assist in caring for the trauma victims.

Israel has also provided aid to Syrian refugees congregating in neighboring Jordan, in addition to the well-publicized provision of medical care to any and all Syrians who show up wounded or in need of help at the Israeli border in the Golan Heights.


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