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Amid new FBI probe, Ilhan Omar’s seat is challenged by another former refugee

With multiple federal agencies now assisting the FBI’s investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar (Dem.), a Republican Muslim & also former refugee, Dalia al-Aquidi  launches her bid to take Omar’s seat, saying of the Congresswoman, “She’s hurting the moderate Muslims… She’s spreading hatred, and she is spreading racism… She needs to be stopped… Every time she [Omar] opens her mouth she says something either anti-US or antisemitic.”



A Muslim Iraqi refugee has launched her bid to enter Congress –  and plans to unseat Ilhan Omar as the Representative for Minneapolis in the process.

Dalia al-Aquidi is tired of hearing the Democratic representative play a divisive identity politics game, so she has joined a growing field of Republicans determined to take the Somalian-born congresswoman out at the next election. Continue Reading »

IsraAID joins Yazidi refugees for memorial ceremony on anniversary of genocide


IsraAID, which operates in refugee camps all over Europe providing psychosocial assistance and humanitarian aid, joined over 1500 Yazidi refugees in Greece to commemorate the beginning of the genocide against them at the hands of ISIS.

By Eitan Goldstein


IsraAID staff joined 1500 Yazidi refugees as they lit candles and marched though Camp Petra refugee camp in northern Greece, in memory of the Yazidi genocide which began on August 3rd 2014. when ISIS entered the town of Sinjar, killing thousands, and turning thousands of women and girls into sex slaves.

The Yazidi were singing songs and crying as they mentioned the names of those who were brutally massacred, still missing, or captive.

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Film Actress Susan Sarandon Assists IsraAID with Refugees

Oscar-winning movie-star openly praises Israeli humanitarian aid NGO in efforts to ‘love your enemies’ at the Rathaus Wilmersdorf refugee shelter in Berlin.

By Yossi Aloni


Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID this month hosted Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon at a compound housing thousands of families that have fled the Middle East to find safety in Europe.

Actress Susan Sarandon holds a refugee baby at Rathaus Wilmersdorf refugee shelter in Berlin. – Photo: IsraAID

At the camp for displaced persons, IsraAID is running a psychosocial program, providing support to homeless and orphaned minors and training German civil servants and volunteers who are working at one of dozens of camps across Germany. Continue Reading »

Syrian Refugee Opens Website & Facebook Page to Thank Israel & the Jewish People


view videoSyrian refugee forms movement recognizing the disproportionate aid rendered by Israel and the Jewish people.

By Israel Today Staff


Thank You Am Israel” is the name of a new website dedicated to “acknowledging the numerous Jewish and Israeli individuals and organizations who have gone out of their way to provide aid, assistance and medical care to Syrian refugees since 2011.”

A Syrian patient being transported to Ziv Medical Center by the IDF – Photo: Ziv Medical Center

The site was created by Aboud Dandachi, a Syrian refugee currently living in Istanbul, who had this to say about the true nature of Israel:

“At a time when numerous countries in the Arab world and Europe have turned away those fleeing the conflict in Syria, Israeli and Jewish organizations and NGOs have, often at great risk to themselves, been at the forefront of efforts to provide assistance to Syrians. Continue Reading »

Syrian refugees thank Israel on dedicated website


view videoHaving been targeted by Hezbollah, Iranians & the Syria army, Aboud Dandachi, dedicate a website to stories of Israelis who help Syrian refugees & on his belief that Syrians have no reason to see Israelis as enemies.

By Roi Kais


Syrians will mark the fifth anniversary of their brutal civil war next month. Aboud Dandachi is one of millions whose lives have been completely overturned by the bloody conflict.

Dandashi in Homs, a decade ago

Speaking from Istanbul, the 39-year-old high-tech professional tells Ynet about his experiences during the Syrian crisis, and about one important lesson about the country he was always taught to hate and fear. Continue Reading »

Israeli Yachters Rescue Drowning Iraqi & Syrian Refugees


A group of Israelis sailing the Mediterranean saved 12 drowning Syrian & Iraqi refugees providing life-saving assistance before taking them to a nearby Greek island where they were processed & provided asylum.

By Israel Today Staff


Israelis on a yachting trip around the eastern Mediterranean on Sunday came across a group of drowning Syrian and Iraqi refugees and saved their lives.

The refugees, like so many others, had been set adrift by a Turkish government that doesn’t want them. They were put in a rubber life raft and pointed in the direction of the nearby Greek island of Kastellorizo. Continue Reading »

As Arabs Barricade Their Borders, Condemnations Levied at Europe for Refusing Muslim Refugees


view videoIn Saudi Arabia, which refuses to allow in refugees, its media is criticizing Europe after Slovakia announced Muslims won’t ‘feel at home’ since they have no mosques, and Cyprus reported that it prefers Orthodox Christian refugees only.

By Roi Kais


More and more European countries have abandoned the continent’s famous policy of political correctness in recent days, and admit unabashedly: They are willing to take in only Christian refugees, not Muslims. 

After Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, who all came out against taking in refugees, the great majority of which are Muslim, Cyprus announced on Monday that it was willing to take in 300 refugees – but wants them to be Christian.  Continue Reading »

With mere weeks before retirement, Abbas finally seeks to aid Palestinian refugees


After years of saying “No”  PA president Abbas now calls on UN to demand that Israel allows over half a million desperate Palestinian refugees take shelter in Judea & Samaria, while opposition leader Herzog calls on Netanyahu to take in Syrian refugees.



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on the United Nations Saturday to press Israel to allow Palestinians from refugee camps in Syria to take shelter in the Palestinian territories, whose external borders are controlled by the Jewish state.

Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk, Syria – Photo: EPA

“President Abbas has asked the Palestinian representative to the UN to implement as quickly as possible, in coordination with the UN secretary general, measures for the return of Palestinian refugees from Syria to the Palestinian territories,” his office said. Continue Reading »

IDF Chief Promises to Protect Syria’s Druze from ‘Massacre’

Responding to Israeli Druze anxieties, Lt. Gen. Eizenkot vows to prevent harm to Druze community on Syria’s side of the Golan Heights.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Israel pledged Tuesday to protect any refugees who fled towards the Jewish state after a rebel offensive in Syria and Islamist violence there raised fears about the Druze minority’s safety.

A significant number of Druze live in Israel, and leading members of the community have called on the government to help their brethren in Syria following the recent violence.

Without mentioning the Druze, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot said the authorities were preparing for a possible influx of Syrian refugees and would prevent a potential massacre at the border. Continue Reading »

Israeli aid group providing humanitarian support for Iraqi refugees

Christian, Yazidi & Kurdish refugees have been receiving humanitarian assistance from IsraAid, which will soon begin providing a schooling framework.
• Shachar Zahavi, founding director of IsraAid: ‘Our primary goal now is to help the children.’

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They’re not Palestinians: UN agency suspends food aid for 1.7 million Syrian refugees

Arab states remain quiet, unable to exploit crisis in Syria against Israel, forcing UN agency to appeal to Western donors to provide $64 million needed.

By i24news


The World Food Program (WFP) on Monday suspended food aid to more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, blaming a financing crisis caused by unhonored cash pledges.

A Syrian refugee carries on her head a box distributed by the World Food Programme as she walks through the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, on January 24, 2014 ( Khalil Mazraawi (AFP) )

A Syrian refugee carries on her head a box distributed by the World Food Programme as she walks through the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, on January 24, 2014 – Photo: Khalil Mazraawi/AFP

The Rome-based UN agency said refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt risked going hungry this winter if donors do not urgently provide the $64 million needed to finance the distribution of food vouchers through December. Continue Reading »

IsraAID dispatches delegation to Bulgaria to help Syrian refugees


First Jordan, now Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID went to Bulgaria to render assistance for additional influx of Syrian refugees.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel continues to reach out to aid refugees of the ongoing Syrian civil war, this time by sending assistance to refugee camps in Bulgaria.

Israeli Aid Follows Syrian Refugees to Europe

Israeli Aid Follows Syrian Refugees to Europe

The Israeli NGO umbrella group IsraAID last week dispatched a delegation to Bulgaria to help deal with the influx of Syrian refugees arriving in the eastern European nation via neighboring Turkey.

There are currently about 11,000 Syrian refugees living in three camps in Bulgaria, including two camps in the capital of Sofia. Continue Reading »

Jewish American nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for aiding Syrian refugees


Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee nominates Yank Barry, a.k.a. ‘Jewish Schindler’, for his humanitarian work with Syrian refugees in Bulgaria.


NEW YORK – Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee nominated the Jewish philanthropist Yank Barry on Wednesday for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in providing refuge to Syrian refugees in Bulgaria who escaped their war-torn country.
Yank Barry (left standing) with Syrian refugees in Bulgaria.- Photo: REUTERS

Yank Barry (left standing) with Syrian refugees in Bulgaria.- Photo: REUTERS

Jackson issued a statement saying that Barry “singlehandedly spearheaded a never before accomplished mission to rescue over 60 individuals from the deplorable conditions in the refugee camps of Bulgaria.

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Civil war facilitates thaw in Israeli-Syrian relations as Syrians are spreading the word


The disintegration of Assad’s regime is changing the opinions many of his people have of the Jewish state, after more than 700 Syrians have received needed medical attention in Israel.


SOFIA, Bulgaria – Before protests demanding democracy broke out in Syria in 2011, ordinary Israelis had no meaningful contacts with ordinary Syrians.

IDF Humanitarian Aid on Syrian Border

IDF Humanitarian Aid on Syrian Border – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The disintegration of the Syrian state has changed everything, including the view of many in the country toward the Jewish state. In interviews with The Jerusalem Post at two refugee camps in Sofia and in a hotel outside the city least week, Syrians expressed new perspectives on Israel. Continue Reading »

EXPOSED: Israel providing humanitarian assistance to Syrian civilians

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon says the IDF has sent food & water across the border, and has been helping the Syrian refugees prepare for winter rains.


The Israel Defense Forces has been providing humanitarian aid to Syrians living near the border, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon revealed on Tuesday during a tour of the frontier.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on a tour of the Syrian-Israeli border on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on a tour of the Syrian-Israeli border on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.- Photo: Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

According to Ya’alon, Israel has sent water and food, including baby foods, across the border, and has been helping the Syrians prepare for winter. Continue Reading »