Israel Air Force Retaliates After Rocket Attack, Hitting 5 Terror Targets in Gaza

Residents in Israel’s southern town of Sderot  reported a series of explosions that caused panic in the city, after a Gaza rocket hits open field in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

By Ynetnews



The Israel Air Force attacked five terror targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night in response to a rocket fired towards southern Israel earlier. An IDF statement said all targets were hit.

IAF F15 - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit

IAF F15 – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The rocket fell in an open field in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. No one was hurt from the rocket fire and no damage was caused. This was the fifth rocket fired since Thursday.

Sderot residents reported to Ynet via the red mail on a series of explosions that caused panic in the southern city.

Palestinian sources in the Strip said one the airstrike’s targets was in the northern Gaza Strip, likely a rocket launching pit. No injuries were reported by the power was cut in the buildings near the target.

This was the second airstrike the IAF conducted in the past three days.

An IAF fighter jet attacked five terror targets in the Strip on the night between Thursday and Friday, following three rockets that were fired towards the Israeli south. The IDF said all targets were hit – four of them in the north of the Strip and one in its center.

According to Palestinian sources, several of this airstrike’s targets were in Gaza City and some in the the northern Strip. Some of the targets were launching pits which others were outposts of Hamas’ military wing.

The recent escalation was in the middle of last month, when dozens of rockets were launched towards southern Israel over the course of two days. The IDF struck dozens of terror targets in response from the air and with artillery fire.

After two days, Islamic Jihad, that took responsibility for the rocket fire, announced a truce. Following the shooting, Israel stationed Iron Dome batteries in Beersheba and near Ashdod.


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