Israel Air Force scrambles jets due to unidentified aircraft

Just like last week, Israeli fighter jets thundered over Tel Aviv on their way to intercept a suspicious signal which again, turned out to be a flock of birds.


Israel Air Force fighter jets were scrambled on Saturday morning to north and south Israel, apparently because of an unidentified aircraft that entered Israeli airspace. IDF Spokesman declined to comment, saying it does not provide detail on IAF activity.

Israel Air Force F-15.

An Israel Air Force F-15 taking off. – Photo: Daniel Bar-On

Last week, Tel Aviv’s Saturday morning tranquility was disturbed when two IAF jets flew low over the city, on their way to intercept a suspicious radar signal which turned out to be a flock of birds.

The objects raised suspicions due to their slow movement, similar to that of unmanned drones. After seeing the birds, the F-16 fighters promptly returned to their base.

In April, the IAF shot down an unmanned aircraft from Lebanon over the sea opposite the northern Israeli coastal city of Haifa.

Upon identified the unmanned craft, belonging most likely to Hezbollah, the Air Force launched fighter jets into the air. An F-16 jet then fired an air-to-air missile and downed the unmanned aircraft. The remains of the aircraft fell into the sea about 10 kilometers from Haifa’s coastline, within Israel’s territorial waters.


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