Israel Military Industries held live artillery systems demonstration for buyers from 17 countries


IMI Systems demonstrated various types of advanced weapon systems for land, air, and naval forces, including the Magic Spear, a new 160mm precision guided rocket, a larger 155mm Artillery shell, as well as a 120 kg warhead that is fitted to the long-range EXTRA missile.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israel Military Industries (IMI) showcased some of its latest products to representatives from 17 foreign nations over the weekend.

The the Magic Spear (also known in Hebrew as 'Accular') precision rocket for the 40 km rang - Courtesy IMI Systems

The the Magic Spear (also known in Hebrew as ‘Accular’) precision rocket for the 40 km rang – Courtesy IMI Systems

The IMI conducted live demonstrations of several weapons, including an advanced artillery system. Among the weapons on display were the Magic Spear—a new 160mm precision guided rocket—and a large 155mm Artillery Ammunition shell, both of which accurately hit their targets during the demonstration.

Both the Magic Spear rocket and the 155mm shell have been sold and used by foreign militaries in recent years, but the demonstration was meant to expand the list of customers. The IDF, meanwhile, has yet to purchase the shell and rocket, but it did acquire other arms from the IMI for the Artillery Corps.

The Magic Spear rocket—with a range of up to 40 kilometers—and the new artillery shell both include accuracy components, including a GPS. Magic Spear is based on an advanced piloting system based on tiny rocket engines and has a 10 meter accuracy range.

It was launched from a mobile launcher recently developed by the IMI which allows moving the battery and deploying it in a quick and secure manner on almost any kind of terrain.

The foreign military representatives heard about Magic Spear’s capability to carry different kinds of warheads in different weights, in accordance with the unique operational needs of the buyer.

The rocket is meant to be used on ground targets like artillery batteries, enemy command posts and concentrations of ground forces.

Another demonstration held was the explosion of a 120kg warhead that comes with the long-range missile EXTRA, capable of attacking targets at a range of 150km. The demonstration did not include a launch, as it was meant to show the destruction the warhead can cause to a large, distant target.

The foreign representatives were also shown artillery radars made by ELTA Systems—a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries—capable of identifying and pinpointing launches of a variety of enemy projectiles at the same time, while also locating enemy artillery batteries. Also a part of the demonstration were artillery control and command systems and Israeli drones


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