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IDF acquires precision rockets that guarantee unprecedented accuracy

The introduction of the new precision ‘Made in Israel’ rockets significantly improves the IDF’s capabilities of accurately hitting its target from all ranges while achieving lower mission costs.



Israel’s Ministry of Defense has signed a deal to develop and acquire advanced precise short and long range rockets worth hundreds of millions of shekels with Israel Military Industries (IMI).

According to the Ministry of Defense, the precision firepower will significantly improves the IDF’s capabilities of accurately hitting a target from a distance at immediate availability and with a low mission cost relative to other combat systems.

Rocket used by the IAF during tensions at Gaza border in August 2018.

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Israel unveils supersonic air-2-ground missile that penetrates protected targets

With pinpoint accuracy, Israel’s supersonic, ‘Rampage’ long-range air-to-ground assault missile is compatible with IAF’s F-15, F-16 & F-35 fighter jets, and is designed to be released outside protected areas, then its advanced navigation will guide it successfully to ‘high quality targets’ protected by advanced air-defense systems.
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With tensions still high between Israel and Iran, a new supersonic air-to-surface missile designed for the annihilation of high quality targets has been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industry Systems (IMI).

Dubbed “The Rampage” after a popular video-game, it is an accurate supersonic, long-range air-to-ground assault missile with a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allows for precision targeting at a very low mission cost compared to existing solutions. Continue Reading »

Israel Military Industries held live artillery systems demonstration for buyers from 17 countries


IMI Systems demonstrated various types of advanced weapon systems for land, air, and naval forces, including the Magic Spear, a new 160mm precision guided rocket, a larger 155mm Artillery shell, as well as a 120 kg warhead that is fitted to the long-range EXTRA missile.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israel Military Industries (IMI) showcased some of its latest products to representatives from 17 foreign nations over the weekend.

The the Magic Spear (also known in Hebrew as 'Accular') precision rocket for the 40 km rang - Courtesy IMI Systems

The the Magic Spear (also known in Hebrew as ‘Accular’) precision rocket for the 40 km rang – Courtesy IMI Systems

The IMI conducted live demonstrations of several weapons, including an advanced artillery system.
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Israel’s pavilion showcases 18 ‘Blue & White’ companies at Brazil defense exhibition

Israel Military Industries are marketing their Guided Mortar Munition, battle tested by the IDF, are guided by laser or GPS satellite systems, and has a range of 8 kilometers.


Israel Military Industries (IMI) will display its new Guided Mortar Munition – which are already in service in the IDF – at an international defense exhibition in Brazil this week.

IMI Mortars

Israel Military Industries to display new guided mortars at Brazil defense exhibition. – Photo: IMI

The mortars can be guided by laser or GPS.

The LAAD Defense and Security exhibition will take place from April 14 to 17 in Rio De Janerio, and will see IMI showcase the guided mortars, developed in response to operational requirements from the IDF and foreign military customers, IMI said. Continue Reading »

Gaza Wars Demonstrated Need for Tank Cartridge Specifically for Urban Warfare

The new Israel Military Industries 120mm Hatzav delayed action tank shell penetrates outer wall of structure first, then explodes.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF Armored Corps has begun using the Israel Military Industries (IMI) Hatzav shell (M329 APAM-MP-T), after first deploying it operationally during Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip.

Merkava fires shell

Merkava fires shell – IDF Spokesman’s Unit

The projectile was developed by IMI and the IDF Ground Arm following to lessons drawn from the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead. The 120mm Hatzav shell, fitted with a delay mechanism, is intended to penetrate the first, outer wall of a building and only detonate inside the building. Continue Reading »