Israel offers week long vacations from the US for $1000


Due to the current wave of Palestinian terror, Israel teams up with Groupon offering Americans a week-long vacation in Israel during months of January & February 2016, starting at $990 – including flights, hotel, meals & tours.

By Danny Sadeh


As Israel experiences a further slowdown in incoming tourism following the recent wave of terror, the Tourism Ministry is launching a unique collaboration with the global Groupon company which it hopes will bring thousands of tourists to the country. 

The deal, which is being marketed to some 30 million households in the United States starting Tuesday, offers a vacation in Israel for $990-1,400 – including flights, seven nights in a hotel, meals, tours and more. 

Tel Aviv. Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee will also be marketed – Photo: Airbnb

“Some 1,500 Israel vacation packages will be offered for special prices, in accordance with the hotel’s level. This is a first-rate marketing move which some 30 million US households will be exposed to. It will open an extensive marketing channel for us and expose us to audiences which are usually completely unfamiliar with Israel.” 

Minister Levin added that while the ministry usually halts all its campaigns during times of crisis, he decided to proceed as usual. “The continued marketing activity is aimed at preserving incoming tourism and creating a faster exit route once the security problem is behind us. So far, it has been proving itself. There have hardly been any cancellations so far, and despite the slowdown in reservations, we are not witnessing a terrible crisis or something people should change their habits for. 

“When you shout, ‘Crisis, crisis,’ it only intensifies the external crisis and makes people hesitate whether to come to Israel. When they see that we keep marketing Israel as usual, it projects business as usual.” 

According to Levin, if the campaign is successful the ministry will consider expanding it. 

The campaign will be offered for two weeks starting Tuesday and will include vacation packages with hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Sea of Galilee area. All packages will be marketed for the winter season, for the months of January and February 2016.


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Good luck to you all, Hoping you all make it to Israel!!




  1. Talia says:

    Where is the link?

  2. Laura says:

    How do I get this deal?

  3. Victor Slootsky says:

    How I can find out what vacation are offered?

  4. Rise Landsman says:

    How he does one access this deal, or does one have to wait until receiving an email from Groupon?

  5. orna says:

    So! how ? Give us the information how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. norman chera says:


  7. Francine Jewett says:

    I m very interested and want to know how to get this deal. I am a member of Groupon. Should we just wait?

  8. Joanne says:

    How do I get more information about this deal?

  9. Crfqueen says:

    I’d love to know when it becomes Available! On my bucket list since childhood!!

  10. David says:

    I cannot find the deal online. This looks like a lot of nonsense

    • The article says: “The deal, which is being marketed to some 30 million households in the United States starting Tuesday”.

      It may have a specific ‘market’ site, maybe through targeted cities or communities.

      Just because you can’t find the information, does not mean it’s nonsense.

  11. I don’t have any more information than what’s in the article. I suggest checking ‘Groupon’ until the information becomes available.

  12. May says:

    I want a package for 4 people please
    Can someone tell me how I do this,
    Thank you

  13. Alan weinberg says:

    I’m very interested in the groupon trip to Israel

  14. Fred Spagat says:

    I am interested in this trip

  15. Allan Pogrund says:

    Please notify me of vacation to.Israel.

  16. Amalia Haas says:

    Please notify me as well. Thank you!

  17. James wood says:

    I really want to take advantage of this but i dont have a passport yet if i buy it how long do i have to take it

  18. Adib says:

    Let me know also please.

  19. Nurit Bassett says:

    Would like to be notified when it becomes available. Thank you

  20. Mw says:

    Just checked groupon. ….nothing. .:-(

  21. Rafael Shamsiev says:

    Hey please email me information when it becomes available as well! Thank you

  22. irina says:

    I’m interested in this trip.

  23. Simona IFRAH says:

    If it’s possible to book the flight only tanks in advance

  24. John Murray says:

    I am interested if it is not already sold out.

  25. Harry says:

    I would also like more information & contact info.

  26. Don says:

    I would love to get this deal

  27. Pamela Kuperschmidt says:

    Please let me know who I can book this package?

  28. Bonnie says:

    I will come how and where do I sign up?

  29. carolyn furney says:

    I would love to go!! Several tickets, please!

  30. Inessa says:

    Very intetested! Please email me when offer becomes available

  31. alison netzer says:

    Please tell me how to get this deal?

  32. Dale Solomon says:

    Very interested please email me more info

  33. ANA B CASTANO says:


  34. Ted says:

    So what’s not to like?!

    The link? Isreal?

  35. Steve says:

    I am not certain this will be a true offering. Somethings are too good to be true. They are offering too much for too little on some cloaked secrecy.

  36. ilya yushuvayev says:

    I like to visit also for this bargain; )

  37. Ronen says:

    Here is the link.
    All are welcome !!!

  38. itay tzairi says:

    Very interested, can we get notified when it’s available?

  39. Rob says:

    Looking for a roommate for this trip as that lowers the cost. I am clean, quiet, nonsmoking guy – can provide references…and am wanting to time the trip so that I can be in Jerusalem for Shabbat.

  40. Shifra says:

    The tours are here, you should know they are using Turkish Airlines, at least one of the tours includes a change of planes in Istanbul. As a Jewish American woman I have security problems with that.

  41. Tim Gustafson says:

    We would like a package for two.

  42. Joel Greenberg says:

    Does one have to strictly stay with the tour or can you go on your own to visit family? Please email me. Thx.

  43. Godfrey Lilio says:

    Can you offer lower rates for the same package to enjoy for tourists coming from the Philippines too?

  44. rony says:

    I am interested in this trip but its closed. Any ideas if will open again or any for different dates? Any help would be appreciated.

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