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Eastern Christians on trip to Holy Land find common language with Israel

Twenty-three Eastern Christian millennials, Assyrians, Chaldeans and members of the Syriac Orthodox Church living in Canada and the US, have arrived in the Holy Land with the goal of strengthening their faith and connection to Israel.



David Mando discovered Israel through Krav Maga.

“I was fascinated by it. I loved the passion where you’re taught that survival mentality and I see that very present in Israel today.”

EASTERN CHRISTIANS on their way to Passport Control at the airport to begin their trip to Israel with the Philos Project and Passages leadership course. – Both Photos: JULIANA TAIMOORAZY, Facebook

Mando, a member of the Assyrian Church of the East who was born and raised in Chicago, was on an organized trip to Israel last week with a group of Christians who have roots in the region. Continue Reading »

Air India makes historic first commercial trans-Saudi airspace flight to Israel

As Air India Flight AI139 rolled to a halt at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, Israeli Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said,”This is a historic moment,” recognizing Saudi Arabia’s first official pro-Israel agreement.



Air India launched on Thursday the first scheduled service to Israel to be allowed to cross Saudi airspace, a sign of a behind-the-scenes improvement in ties between the Arab kingdom and the Jewish state.

Flight AI 139 landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport about 30 minutes after its scheduled arrival time of 1945 GMT.

An Air India Boeing 777-300ER  – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“This is a historic moment,” Israeli Transport Minister Yisrael Katz told AFP on the tarmac as the Boeing Dreamliner rolled to a halt. Continue Reading »

VIDEO REPORT: 31 Female Jewish ‘Media Magnets’ Visit Israel, Posting To Their Followers

With 31 entertainers and media professionals from North America broadcasting their experiences, these ‘Media Magnets’ participants use their platforms to share inspiring Jewish values and hopefully, spread positive messages about Israel to their combined audiences of 10+million followers.

By the Arutz Sheva Staff


Leading entertainers and media professionals from North America participated recently in an exclusive Jewish women’s-only “Media Magnets” Trip to Israel, in coordination with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP).

The group of 31 women explored Israel through a media lens, connecting to Israel’s media professionals and broadcasting their experiences to their combined audiences of 10+million followers.

Among these North American media magnets are Michaela Watkins, the star of Hulu’s hit series “Casual”; Erica Ehm, founder of Yummy Mummy Club, Canada’s leading parenting site; and Cailli and Sam Beckerman, twin fashion bloggers who are brand ambassadors for Chanel, Coach, and Disney, among others. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s Prime Minister Personally Meets 3 Millionth Tourist for Tour in Jerusalem

In Photos: Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu surprised the 3,000,000th tourist to Israel, Ioana Isac, along with her partner Mihai Georgescu, in Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum for a personally guided tour.
– Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, who surprised the couple at the airport, accompanied them on the tour.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel has had a record year for tourism. And on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed his appreciation by surprising tourist number 3 million to arrive in 2017 with a personal welcome to the Jewish state.

Ioana Isac, 31, and her partner, Mihai Georgescu, suspected nothing as they arrived at Ben Gurion Airport from their native Romania. Continue Reading »

Want a ‘Dream Vacation’ in Israel? – Just be the 3 millionth tourist to get it!

Israel’s Tourism Minister Yariv Levin is planning to greet the lucky tourist at Ben-Gurion Int’l Airport in a campaign intended to market Israeli tourism industry worldwide. Minister Levin, ‘Our efforts this year have brought $4.8 billion to Israel’s economy.’

By Ilan Gattegno


On Tuesday, the 3 millionth tourist to land in Israel this year is scheduled to arrive, marking an all-time record high for incoming tourism. The lucky visitor will be given a special prize package to celebrate the event and promote tourism to Israel.

Photos of the tourist’s upgraded vacation will be used to market Israeli tourism as part of a campaign to attract workers to Israel’s tourism industry. Continue Reading »

Cadets from Annapolis, US Military Academy, West Point in Israel for ‘policy tour’

In an exclusive interview, the American cadets shared opinions about Israel after the 28 ‘future military leaders’ toured the country’s most prestigious sites and were briefed by some of the most distinguished experts in Israel’s political and military sphere, such as, Knesset members, gov’t ministers, no less than five Majors General, several Brigadiers-General, as well as a Supreme Court Justice.

By Ynetnews


Israel’s fightback against the relentless barrage of slander campaigns in the international sphere has become a central focus of the government and of numerous organizations in Israel and around the world.

Cadet greeting Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel – Photo: Shmuel Cohen Photo Agency

Some of the most effective methods for countering anti-Israel activities include not only going out to advocate for Israel on the university campuses and communities where anti-Israel rhetoric finds its most fertile grounds, but also bringing people to Israel and enabling them to view first-hand the realities on the ground. Continue Reading »

Sweden to resume directs flights to Eilat after 15 year break


Some 15 years after Swedish airline SAS ended their direct flights from Stockholm to the Red Sea resort town because of the 2nd Intifada, the route is reopening as Israel’s Tourism Ministry and Eilat hotels are offering incentives to airlines to fly in tourists.

By Ronit Zilberstein


Decades ago, Swedes used to enjoy escaping from their long, cold winter with a direct flight to the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat, where they often would spend some time soaking up the sun as the first stop en route to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

That came to an end when direct flights from Sweden to Eilat ended some 15 years ago, because of the Second Intifada. Continue Reading »

ALL TIME RECORD: May 2017 saw highest number of tourists entering Israel


A total of 303,000 tourists flew into Israel, with another 44,000 that entered from Egypt or Jordan in May 2017, an increase of 16.7% over May 2016
• Tourism Minister Yariv Levin: It’s no coincidence; it’s policy.

By Ilan Gattegno


May 2017 marked a record monthly high in the number of incoming tourists arriving in Israel, thanks in part to increased funding for the tourism market and a change in how Israel tourism is marketed internationally. Since the start of 2017, tourism has brought Israel a revenue of $2.18 billion, figures published by the Tourism Ministry on Thursday show. Continue Reading »

Israel’s hotels hosting foreign tourists surge 38% over Nov 2015


Record number of foreign tourists visited Israel in November 2016, generating more than 1.5 billion shekels ($390 million) in revenues for the month.

By Ilan Gattegno


Some 970,000 tourists stayed at least one night in Israel in November, an increase of about 38% compared to November 2015, the Israel Hotel Association said in a statement Monday.

Hotels along the North Beach, Eilat - Photo Attribution- Henrik Sendelbach/Wikimedia Commons

Hotels along the North Beach, Eilat – Photo: Henrik Sendelbach/Wikimedia Commons

The number of tourists who stayed overnight in November this year was also 23% higher than in the equivalent period in 2014, which followed Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, and on par with November 2013. Continue Reading »

Israel on Greek Gov’t List For Discount Prices & Gifts to Tourists


According to Greek Tourism Ministry, Israel is 1 of 4 non-EU nations whose tourists have been granted a 20% discount in Greek shops & businesses during 2016, after some 400,000 Israelis visited Greece in 2015.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Greece has always been a popular summer tourist destination for Israelis, and now it appears that vacationing there will cost Israeli passport holders even less. Thanks to a new initiative by Greece’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Dimitris Mardas and Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship President Vassilis Korkidis, Greece is offering Israeli tourists a 20% discount in the country’s shops for the remainder of 2016. Continue Reading »

Israel delighted as tourism from China & India continue to grow


Tourism from China grows 43% to some 50,000, from India up 13% to nearly 40,000 visitors in 2015, and with Chinese carrier to launch nonstop flights next month from Beijing to Tel Aviv, the Tourism Ministry sees visitors doubling by 2018.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel is looking east to China and India to help drive tourism, as visits to the country have yet to fully recover from the 2014 Gaza war, Tourism Ministry Director General Amir Halevi said.

Travelers at Ben-Gurion International Airport [Illustrative] – Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

In 2015, tourism grew 43% from China to some 50,000 visitors and the ministry sees that doubling by 2018. Continue Reading »

Israel’s hotels ranked among world’s best


Waldorf Astoria says it was “thrilled” over result of survey after learning its hotel in Jerusalem placed 1st regionally and 7th globally in Conde Nast Traveler survey.

By Ilan Gattegno


Less than two years after its opening, the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem made it to seventh place in the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2015, a global survey of travelers that ranks the world’s top 100 hotels and resorts. Conde Nast Traveler is considered to be the world’s most prestigious tourism-related magazine. The survey’s results were announced earlier this week.
Continue Reading »

Israel offers week long vacations from the US for $1000


Due to the current wave of Palestinian terror, Israel teams up with Groupon offering Americans a week-long vacation in Israel during months of January & February 2016, starting at $990 – including flights, hotel, meals & tours.

By Danny Sadeh


As Israel experiences a further slowdown in incoming tourism following the recent wave of terror, the Tourism Ministry is launching a unique collaboration with the global Groupon company which it hopes will bring thousands of tourists to the country. 

The deal, which is being marketed to some 30 million households in the United States starting Tuesday, offers a vacation in Israel for $990-1,400 – including flights, seven nights in a hotel, meals, tours and more.  Continue Reading »

Israelis put politics aside making Turkey their top destination in July

Despite Ankara’s years of anti-Israel rhetoric, Israel Airports Authority’s data show 172,507 passengers traveled on Israel-Turkey route in July, a 30% increase from last year.

By Danny Sadeh


Despite the chilly relations in the diplomatic arena, Turkey has become the most active destination for flights from Israel, according to an Israel Airports Authority (IAA) summary of the month of July, which was released Monday.

Antalya. Are Israelis returning to Turkey’s holiday resorts? – Photo: Ilan Halperin

The United States, which has been the most active destination of direct flights from Israel for years, fell to the third place, while Greece went up to the second place.

Continue Reading »

Strong Shekel Sends Israelis Traveling Abroad In Record Numbers

Tourism record made in July with 777,500 Israelis leaving the country to see the world, a record likely to be broken in August.

By Moshe Cohen


Israelis set a tourism record in July – one that is likely to be broken in August. The strong shekel and weak dollar and euro means that Israelis can get a good vacation deal in the U.S. or Europe, and more Israelis than ever are doing just that.

Israeli passport – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, 777,500 Israelis left the country to travel abroad – 20.9% more than the 673,000 in July 2013, the previous record month. Continue Reading »