Israel steaming after UK justifies Hezbollah’s terrorism


UK’s ambassador to Lebanon said Europe does not view Hezbollah ‘resistance’ to Israel as terrorism.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel filed a strong protest with the British government after the UK ambassador in Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, stated that the inclusion of Hezbollah’s military wing on the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations had nothing to do with Hezbollah’s “resistance” against Israel.

UK ambassador in Lebanon, Tom Fletcher

Flether made his remarks in an interview with Al-Monitor in Lebanon following the EU’s decision last month to finally include the military wing of Hezbollah in its list of terror organizations, a step most Arab states had taken long ago.

According to Fletcher: “The [EU] decision is not intended to harm the resistance, as clarified by [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah.” The term “resistance” is a typical regional code word for terrorist activity against Israel.

Jerusalem was outraged by the remarks, which it said had granted legitimacy to Hezbollah’s past and future attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

Israeli Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub met with senior British government officials to personally deliver Israel’s statement of protest. However, the British unceremoniously rejected the Israeli protest, insisting that “Fletcher is a very experienced ambassador, and there was no support for resistance operations against Israel in his remarks.”

In Jerusalem, the British response was viewed as totally unacceptable.


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  1. moriah says:

    All throughout history the anti-Semitic British have not been able to conceal their true colors – traitors and collaborators with enemies of the Jewish nation. They made their bed and they will sleep in it. They opened their borders wide to Muslims they mistakenly thought would gratefully and humbly know their place. They obviously weren’t satisfied to clean British toilets as their population is readied to overtake that of the clueless …

    • Kimette Wright says:

      Not all Brits are enemies of the Jewish nation; you generalise too much!

      • No, Not All. Yet, still nothing to be be proud of. Britain’s history is so saturated in anti-Semitism, the silent few who are not, have never been felt historically. Even the Balfour Declaration was butchered down to 20% of what was promised to be returned to the Jews after WWI, and NOW GB is blackmailing Israel to slice away more.

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