Israel Water Authority predicts mega drought starting about 2015

Water Experts say Israelis should prepare for the dry spell on the horizon, that could last up to 20 years.

By Israel Today Staff



Israel has just overcome a seven-year drought, and the country’s natural water reservoirs are finally relatively stable following years of severe depletion.

Aerial view of the IDE desalination plant in Hadera.

Aerial view of the IDE desalination plant in Hadera.

But Israel’s shouldn’t get too content, as experts with the Water Authority’s Hydrological Services predict that the next drought will hit already in 2015, and will make the previous dry spell seem like a picnic by comparison.

The next drought will last up to 20 years, and will have an “exceptional” negative impact on the region’s fresh water resources, according to a report published by the Water Authority this week.

Despite the dire prediction, the Water Authority was confident that “all of Israel’s water needs will be fulfilled.”

Israel has made great strides in recent years in reclaiming wastewater for agriculture, and its expanding desalination program should cover consumer water needs in the near future.


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