Israeli Children’s Rocket Alert Song Goes Viral

Developed by Joint Distribution Committee in 2008 for a Sderot kindergarten teacher, who wanted to do something to help the children in her class deal with air raid sirens and the ongoing rocket attacks against Israel.

This song is that much more relevant today.


The recent barrage of rockets fired by Hamas at Israel has revived the fortunes of a video developed in 2008 as part of a trauma intervention effort in Sderot by the Joint Distribution Committee.


Schoolchildren in Sderot, July 10, 2014. – Photo: Cheli Goldenberg

“The Code Red (Tzeva Adom) Song,” named for the code word for rocket attacks in Israel, is going viral on YouTube, with over 43,000 hits as of Friday morning for the version that was uploaded in 2012.

“Four years ago a kindergarten teacher wanted to do something to help the children in her class deal with the ongoing air raid sirens and rocket attacks against Israel,” reads the text accompanying the vehicle.

According to the JDC, its Ashalim division came up with the song as part of a series of therapies it developed in the wake of studies conducted in the Sderot region indicating that 90% of children between the ages of 4-18 living in the region were showing signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

“The song combines lyrics that allow the children to express their anxiety and fear with hand and body movements that help distract their minds to something more positive,” stated the JDC on its JDC Ambassadors blog. The project is a partnership between the JDC, the Israeli government and the UJA Federation of New York.

Sderot teacher and art therapist Shachar Bar is credited for composing the song.


The Lyrics read:

Color Red, Color Red
Hurry, hurry, hurry, to a safe area
Hurry, Hurry cause now it’s a bit dangerous
My heart is beating, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
My body is shaking, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom
But I am overcoming
Cause I am a little different
Falling down – Boom
We may now stand up
Our body we shake, shake shake, shake, shake
Our legs we loosen, loosen, loosen, loosen, loosen
Breathe deep, breathe out far
Breathe deep, we can laugh
It's all gone and I feel good it's over – Yesssss!


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