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Throughout the Country, a Grateful Israel Applauds its Heroic Medical Personnel

WATCH: Israel’s Kan TV 11NEWS broadcast touching scenes showing just how much Israelis, throughout the Jewish State, appreciates its doctors, nurses and medics by going out onto their balconies to applaud them.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel’s Kan TV 11NEWS showed how Israelis across the country answered a call to publicly show appreciation for the heroic efforts of the nation’s medical personnel in combatting the spread of COVID-19, known commonly as the coronavirus.

In nearly every town and village, people confined to their homes by new government regulations went out to their balconies and broke into a two-minute round of applause. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Red Hot Chili Peppers return to headline Tel Aviv festival

Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining the Funkyard Festival in Tel Aviv this June, as part of their 2020 European tour. Their Holy Land concert in 2012 drew 50,000 fans.

By i24NEWS


Californian rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers will return to Israel this June to headline the Funkyard Tel Aviv Festival, marking their second show in The Holy Land since 2012.

The Funkyard Festival will be held June 10 at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, tickets will go on sale Monday, February 3 at 4 PM.

The festival will feature DJs, international artists, local bands. There will be food, drinks, and other activities which will be announced soon. Continue Reading »

To Roger Waters’ ire, Bon Jovi returns to Israel for 2019 concert

Legendary rock star Jon Bon Jovi returns to Israel and will play in Tel Aviv once again to the chagrin of the notorious BDS stooge & musician, Roger Waters.

By Elad Benari


Bon Jovi will perform in Israel next summer, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

The planned date for the performance, July 25, 2019, was revealed by accident in a newsletter the American rock band sent to fans. It will take place at the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, according to the report.

Bon Jovi performs Live In Tel Aviv Israel, 03-10-2015 – Screenshot: YouTube

It will cost some $2.4 million to bring the group to Israel, according to the Channel 12 TV entertainment show “Good Night with Guy Pines.” Continue Reading »

Hollywood execs stand with NETFLIX over BDS attack on Israeli TV series

Having received multiple threats by the anti-Israel group BDS, 50 Hollywood executives pen letter of support, “We stand behind… Netflix in the face of this blatant attempt at artistic censorship.”



LOS ANGELES – More than 50 Hollywood executives have thrown their support behind Netflix, which is facing a campaign by a Palestinian-led movement to drop Israeli television series “Fauda” from its streaming platform.

In a letter on Tuesday to Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, the executives from record labels and Hollywood talent agencies called the move by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement a “blatant attempt at artistic censorship.” Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Tel Aviv in London festival begins Sept. 8th

The four-day extravaganza will take place across the city as Londoners get a sense of day-to-day life in Tel Aviv, including a “beach party,” performing Israeli artists, and samples from the Israeli culinary scene.



LONDON – As the “TLV in LDN” gala kicks off in London on Friday, Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, Ambassador to UK Mark Regev and philanthropist Marc Worth all expressed hope that the event will show the true face of Israel to the British public.

Amit Duvdevani, Gilad Erdan, Shaul Ben Aderet and Dana International.(Left to right). – Photo: SHAHAR AZRAN

“We want to show all the good stuff that is coming out of Israel and Tel Aviv,” said Worth, a major player in London’s Jewish community and co-founder of WGSN (formerly the World Global Style Network), a trend forecasting company. Continue Reading »

Rocket Man rocked Tel Aviv…for two and a half hours


view videoAt 69, Elton John rocked Tel Aviv in a 2 and a half hour performance that kept his fan of all ages greatly satisfied.



Fans of all ages were happy to let the sun go down in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park on Thursday night, as veteran rocker Elton John took the stage to perform for close to 40,000 fans.

Elton John

British singer Elton John performs during a concert in Tel Aviv June 17, 2010. – Photo: REUTERS

The rocket man did not disappoint, churning out his biggest hits alongside his new music without his powerful baritone faltering for even a moment. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Louis CK will perform his comedy act in Jerusalem


The int’ly renowned stand-up comedian & movie personality will be coming to perform his routine in Israel, on 18th of August, at the Payis Arena in the capital, for one night only, so get your tickets now!

By Raz Shechn


It’s not a rumor anymore; Louis CK will perform in Israel on August 18 at the Payis Arena in Jerusalem, with tickets already on sale.

Louis CK is a groundbreaking and revolutionary comedian. He both writes for and stars in the wildly successful show Louie, which has raised the bar and set new standards for sitcoms across the board. Continue Reading »

Likud MK Establishes Medical Marijuana Lobby at Israel’s Knesset




A Knesset loby for the use of medical cannabis has been established with Likud MK Sharren Haskel at its head, it was announced on Thursday. “It has become accepted that medical cannabis has significant health benefits and an important place in the development of the world of medicine,” Haskel said, “but there are many impediments to its use. The trend is to limit this development, even tough there are many seriously ill patients who need it.” Continue Reading »

After BDS threats, 4 festival participants say they fear for their lives


International musicians due to perform at ‘Titans of Metal’ festival in Israel next month admitted to producers they fear for their lives after receiving BDS threats.

Ami Friedman


Any Israeli producer who wants to bring an artist over to the Holy Land can anticipate in advance the responses from pro-Palestinian organizations asking the artist to change their mind and cancel their visit. When a big name is involved, there’s a good chance they’ll get an email from Roger Waters himself, asking that they forgo the planned performance and join the cultural boycott of Israel, led by the BDS movement. Continue Reading »

UPDATED: Palestinian Woman Crowned Israel’s Miss Fitness


view videoWATCH: At age 27, the young Jerusalemite, defied the traditional expectations to become the first Palestinian woman to compete in a bodybuilding competition…and win!

By i24news


Anoush Belian holds the title of Israel’s Miss Fitness 2015. Not only is she the first Palestinian to win the Israeli competition, but she is also the first Palestinian woman to choose to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

Anoush Belian

Up to a year ago, Belian led a completely normal life. She studied English at the Armenian School in Jerusalem and worked in various fields, including teaching English. But last year, at age 27, the young East Jerusalemite decided it was time for a challenge. Continue Reading »

WOW: 12 Breathtaking Israeli homes you wish you owned

Be it in a 10-story resort building on Tel Aviv’s promenade, a villa nearly touching the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City or an apartment overlooking the Haifa Bay, here are a dozen houses across Israel that will simply take your breath away.   

By Xnet reporters


Ultra-modern minimalism, cozy luxury, and astounding views – these are a dozen of the most architecturally striking homes in Israel. 

The Galilee house

This house overlooks the Hula Valley, the Golan mountains and Mount Hermon, but its planning and design are far from “rural” and are unusual in their modernism compared to the other large buildings in the area. Continue Reading »

Story of rescued cats from Gaza, Tzuk & Eitan, becomes new children’s book


The IDF soldier that rescued Tzuk & Eitan from the battle-field in Gaza during last year’s Operation Protective Edge, is the protagonist of a new optimistic and colorful children’s book.

By Matan Tzuri


Meet the kittens Tzuk and Eitan, who were born in Gaza, found a home in Israel after Operation Protective Edge (“Tzuk Eitan” in Hebrew) and are now starring in a new children’s book.

Matan Meshi – Photo: Dana Kopel

The cats, one white and the other ginger, were rescued from the fighting zone by one IDF soldier during Protective Edge. Their story has now been made into a children’s book written by Nurit Sternberg. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Heartwarming Israeli commercial goes viral

view videoWith Ashton Kutcher’s seal of approval this Super-Pharm commercial is generating a lot of buzz with over 4.7 million views and counting.

By Ynet


An Israeli commercial for razors has gone viral, garnering 4.7 million views and creating a buzz on major websites like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

YouTube Screenshot

YouTube Screenshot

The commercial for Super-Pharm’s “Life” razors shows a man shaving his beard for the first time in 14 years, and his family members having a hard time recognizing him after his transformation.

On Friday, famous American actor Ashton Kutcher posted a link to the commercial to his 17 million Facebook followers. Continue Reading »

Israel’s police chief says ‘Time has come to re-examine marijuana prohibition’


The Israeli government and police should reexamine their policies on the use of cannabis and study how other countries are dealing with the matter, National Police Chief Yohanan Danino said Wednesday.

National Police Chief Yochanan Danino – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

“I think the time has come for the Israel police, together with the state, to re-examine their stance on Cannabis. I think we must sit and study what’s happening around the world [with Cannabis].” Continue Reading »

$10 million Donated to Tel Aviv University

American filmmaker Steve Tisch, and a co-owner of the NY Giants Football team, has just donated $10 million to TAU’s Department of Film & Television.

By Moshe Cohen


Steve Tisch, a world-renowned filmmaker and a co-owner of the New York Football Giants, has donated $10 million to Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television. The donation comes amidst a boom in the Israeli film and television industry – with much of it driven by TAU alumni – and will help fuel its continued growth across the globe, a spokesperson for Tisch said. With the expansion, the prestigious department will become a full school named “The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television” at Tel Aviv University. Continue Reading »