Israeli Court: Phone harassment equal to indecent act

In unprecedented ruling, Central District Court Judge says indecent act no longer mandates actual physical contact with victim

By Tova Tzimuki


The Central District Court rendered an unprecedented ruling this week, declaring that a conviction over an indecent act is possible even if the perpetrator did not physically touch, or even see, the victim.

(Illustration) Photo: Shutterstock

(Illustration) Photo: Shutterstock

According to a Tuesday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, the ruling was made following an appeal filed by a man who was convicted of an indecent act against two minors, which was perpetrated over the phone.

The appeal sought to overturn the conviction, on the basis that the man never saw or physically touched the girls, ages 14 and seven.

“The fact that there was no actual physical contact makes no difference, since verbal violence is just as traumatic as physical violence,” the court ruled.


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