Israeli firm to supply self-driving combat vehicles to UK Armed Forces

In a joint contract, Israel Aerospace Industries joins with MCL in a deal to manufacture 4 Remote Platoon Vehicles for remote extraction of casualties, ammunition resupplies, intelligence-gathering, surveillance & target acquisition for the British Armed Forces.



Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Marlborough Communications Limited (MCL) were awarded a contract to deliver four autonomous combat vehicles to the United Kingdom to enhance the British Armed Forces’ military capabilities, the companies announced on Wednesday.

An IAI Remote Platoon Vehicle (RPV). – Photo: ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES

The vehicles, called Remote Platoon Vehicles (RPVs), can be operated in autonomous, remote, or manual modes. They will support land forces by allowing for remote extraction of casualties, ammunition resupplies, and transportation of equipment, as well as intelligence-gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, said: “IAI Land Division’s autonomous vehicles provide a wide range of multi-domain, multi-mission solutions to team with maneuvering ground forces while providing vital tools to commanders and leaders.

“IAI’s Land Division is built on the understanding of our need to support ground forces in the field and ensure minimal danger and risk to the troops, this while transferring information in real-time,” he added.

An Iron Dome missile defense system underwent a live fire test on US soil at the White Sands, New Mexico test range, Aug. 23.2021. – Photo: ISRAEL’S MINISTRY OF DEFENSE SPOKESPERSON’S OFFICE

IAI, Israel’s largest defense contractor, specializes in developing technologically advanced weapons and defense systems, including various missile defenses such as the Counter Rocket Artillery Missile (C-RAM), the Barak surface-to-air missile, and Israel’s Iron Dome.


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