Israeli jets hit Gaza in response to launched explosive balloons

Holding Hamas responsible for all violent attacks emanating from Gaza, including incendiary balloons launch on civilian communities, Israeli aircraft targeted ‘terrorist cells’ in Gaza on Tuesday.

By i24NEWS


An Israeli aircraft attacked a “terrorist cell” in Gaza which launched incendiary balloons toward Israel on Tuesday.

Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the strikes which were carried out in two rounds in response to the launching of incendiary balloons.

Booby-trapped Incendiary toy drone attached to balloon cluster falls in Israel by the Gaza border. – Photo courtesy: Eshkol Regional Council

The phenomenon of incendiary balloons, or “arson balloons”, became popular after the launch of Gaza’s Great “March of Return” on March 30 last year, causing great damage to Israeli communities adjacent to the Gaza border.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all violence coming from Gaza, including arson balloons.

While Palestinians prepare for mass demonstrations next Friday, to mark the one year anniversary of the Great March of Return, IDF is preparing for violence along the border.

Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire in November, mediated by Egypt and the United Nations.

The two parties have confronted each other several times since then, most recently on Thursday, when Israel targeted 100 positions in Gaza belonging to Hamas after two rockets were fired from the enclave toward Tel Aviv.


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