Israeli Jets Strike Syria – Killing 1, Wounding 7


Syria’s armed forces confirms Israeli airstrike that targeted 3 sites near Qunaitra, warning Israel against endangering region stability.



Israeli air strikes on Wednesday against Syrian military sites near the Golan Heights killed one person and wounded seven others, Syria’s armed forces said, warning that the attacks endangered stability in the region.

IAF's F-16 'Fighting Falcon'- Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson Unit

IAF’s F-16 ‘Fighting Falcon’- Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson Unit

An armed forces statement said the strikes targeted three sites near the town of Qunaitra.

It is periodically necessary for Israel to take “aggressive action” so that the quiet in the north will be maintained, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday just hours after the IAF hit targets in Syria in response to Tuesday’s attack on an IDF jeep on the Golan Heights.

Al- Qaida linked fighters in Syria.

Al- Qaida linked fighters in Syria. Photo: REUTERS

Netanyahu, speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting that was postponed from Sunday because of Purim, said that the targets hit belonged to Syrian elements who not only allowed the attack to take place, but assisted in it.

“Our policy is very clear,” he said. “We strike those who strike us.”

Netanyahu also said that Israel, to the best of its ability, consistently thwarts the transfer of weapons.


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From the IDF:
The IDF targeted several Syrian army positions which aided and abetted the attack against IDF soldiers yesterday. Among the targets were: A Syrian army training facility, military headquarters, and artillery batteries.

We will not tolerate this threat against Israeli civilians or troops, we will fulfill our mission, prevent, protect and defend against hostilities from Syria.