Israeli medical students ‘adopt’ young wounded Syrian boy

A Syrian boy who lost a leg while shepherding sheep was sent to Israel for treatment, where he’s captured the hearts of 6 medical students that are doing their best to make him feel loved & cared for.

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  1. Julia Ferguson says:

    What wonderful human beings you six are! I am in tears after reading this story. You have won a friend for life, in that young boy, just because you care. It is pretty much what I expect from you Israelis, after many years of watching, reading and listening to the things Jews do. I believe I am totally Anglo Saxon, but I have a very big spot in my heart for all things Jewish – always have had it. There have been Jews associated with my family since childhood and I just FEEL part Jewish. May you all go on to great achievements in your careers and know that an older lady in Adelaide, Australia, thinks you are THE BEST!

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