Israelis donate winter cloths & blankets to Syrian refugees


Numerous Israeli youth movements opened 15 collection centers around the country where Israelis can donate winter clothes. The centers, that began their second winter clothes drive this season to assist Syrian refugees struggling to survive the winter, are in Druze, Arab, and Jewish communities.

By Reut Rimmerman


The crisis in Syria hasn’t been ignored by Israel. Various Israeli youth movements, including the Youth Federation for Working and Studying, The Dror Movement, and the committed for the fight against genocide are leading a wide scale operation to collect winter clothes for Syrian refugees.

Israeli youth movements collecting winter clothes for Syrian refugees – Photo: Youth Federation for Working and Studying

The operation, codenamed “Human Warmth,” has opened up 15 collection centers around the country where Israelis can go and donate winter clothes. The centers are in Druze, Arab, and Jewish communities.

The winter clothes will then go off to the Syrians who are in need of assistance.

A similar operation occurred in 2014, seeing 30 tons of winter clothes being donated to Syrian refugees. It took 1,500 boxes to carry all of the clothing, and eight 18 wheelers to transport it all.

Organizers said that “this terrible tragedy has been going on for six years now. This terrible reality forces us to act and do everything we can to help these people.”

“The goal of this operation is to enable the Israeli public to donate unused winter clothing which is sitting in their house, and make a meaningful donation which might just save a life.”

Operation’s coordinator Tal Rotem said that “we can’t just sit idly by on the sidelines in light of the reports which are coming out every day (about the situation in Syria). Our nation’s history, on top of the fact that we are a democratic country, forces us to work to help these people, and to be the voice of the voiceless. We mustn’t stand idly by when we have the ability to help do something.”

Safa’a Su’ad, 15, from the Bedouin town of Salame, said that “this operation was really successful. Everyone in the village took part,
and everyone donated something. We collected all types of winter clothes for all different ages and genders. Every once in a while I watch the news with my parents, and I see what’s going on (in Syria). It’s a slaughter. I’m really happy to have been a part of this operation because it allows me to do a little bit to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian nation.”


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