Israel’s Former Defense Minister: Hezbollah will soon pick which building to hit


Former Defense Minister Barak says advanced missile technology will soon become cheaper for Hezbollah & other terror organizations to acquire in just five years’ time.

By Ynetnews


In five years, terror organizations will have missiles so precise they could “choose which building in Israel to hit,” former defense minister Ehud Barak warned on Wednesday.

Israel’s former defense minister Ehud Barak – Photo: AP

These advanced missile technology “will spread and become cheaper to terror organizations like Hezbollah and to Hamas militants in Gaza,” Barak continued, speaking at a panel on the use of science and technology in Israel’s security and intelligence.

He criticized some senior army officials who objected to the development of the Iron Dome missile-defense system in the past, claiming they “lacked long-turn vision.”

Barak, who also served as Israel’s prime minister, stressed that advanced science and technology will give terror organizations in the future new weapons to strike with.

“Somewhere in a small lab there are hostile militants planning the future weapon for mass destruction – this is an unprecedented potential for terrorism,” Barak said, referring to biological and chemical warfare.

Barak also cautioned that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

“The Iranian nuclear program is a product of science, and the answer to that must be given in time. The time to be properly prepared for it is now, because as soon as the technology already exists, we need a few years to prepare operationally. Therefore we cannot wait until the threat is realized, because then there will be a gap that cannot be bridged,” he said.


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