Israel’s Int’l News Channel Launches 24/7 Cable News in US & Worldwide


With bureaus in Washington, Paris, New York, and Tel Aviv, Israel’s non-governmental i24NEWS will begin 24/7 broadcasts on13, Feb. 2017 on cable TV in 20 American States.

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Israel-based international news channel i24NEWS will launch in the United States on Monday, bringing content from its studios in New York, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Paris to viewers across the U.S. and around the globe.

The move expands the footprint of the company, led by French-Israeli entrepreneur Patrick Drahi, who established the Tel Aviv-based channel in 2013.

The news organization has more than 250 journalists of some 35 different nationalities and is adding around 50 positions for its new U.S. bureaus.

Programming will include in-depth hard news and interviews 24-hours a day, including live reports from the U.S. from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST, providing a source of independent news and debate from “the heart of the Middle East.”

“By bringing to viewers a high-quality forum for disseminating, analyzing, and discussing current events, and leveraging the global views offered by i24NEWS teams stationed around the globe, we are able to offer a new and unique form of broadcast news to the U.S. marketplace,” i24NEWS CEO Frank Melloul said in an announcement.

“Most of the international news channels belong to governments,” Melloul noted. “We are not receiving any money from any government, and we are not receiving any money from political parties. That means we are the most independent international news channel.”

i24NEWS will debut on cable systems operated by telecom group Altice, which are available in 20 U.S. states.

“Content is core to Altice’s global strategy, and this is an exciting step as we bring i24NEWS to the U.S. and provide refreshing, balanced content that will offer a new perspective on domestic and international news that consumers cannot watch anywhere else,” said Dexter Goei, President of Altice N.V., and Chairman and CEO of Altice USA.

David Shuster and Michelle Makori – Photo: i24news

The live U.S. broadcasts will begin each evening at 6:00 PM EST with “Crossroads with David Shuster and Michelle Makori”, which will analyze and contextualize top stories from around the world with interviews and guests.

Hosts Makori and Shuster bring years of top journalistic experience, with Makori, a veteran of Bloomberg TV and CNN Money, joining i24NEWS from CCTV (now China Global Television Network), and Emmy Award-winning journalist Shuster having hosted his own programs on MSNBC, worked as a reporter for the Today Show and NBC News, and anchored for Al Jazeera America.

At 7:00 PM EST, Makori will host “ClearCut with Michelle Makori”, and Shuster will host “Stateside with David Shuster” at 9:00 PM, focusing on the top stories in the US and the world, including field reports, analysis, and guest interviews.

Joining the channel as senior Washington correspondent is Dan Raviv, who most recently worked as a Washington-based national correspondent for CBS News for 19 years.

In bringing i24NEWS to the U.S. market, the channel will provide viewers a unique approach to domestic and international news infused with global conversation from counterparts throughout the world.


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