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Lebanese TV anchor calls on Israel to kill Hassan Nasrallah


Lebanese TV journalist Maria Maalouf calls upon Israel to assassinate the Hezbollah chief once and for all, asking, “If Israel sees Hassan Nasrallah as an enemy, why doesn’t [Israel] bomb him and rid us of him and gain our faith, all while protecting itself?”

By David Rosenberg


A Lebanese TV news anchor drew the ire of the Hezbollah terrorist organization over the weekend, after she tweeted that Israel ought to carry out a targeted assassination of the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

Lebanese TV news anchor Maria Maalouf – Lebanese TV Screenshot

Maria Maalouf, who has a history of antagonizing the Shiite terror group, wrote a pair of tweets on Saturday, lamenting Nasrallah’s continued presence in her home country. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Int’l News Channel Launches 24/7 Cable News in US & Worldwide


With bureaus in Washington, Paris, New York, and Tel Aviv, Israel’s non-governmental i24NEWS will begin 24/7 broadcasts on13, Feb. 2017 on cable TV in 20 American States.

By i24news


Israel-based international news channel i24NEWS will launch in the United States on Monday, bringing content from its studios in New York, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Paris to viewers across the U.S. and around the globe.

The move expands the footprint of the company, led by French-Israeli entrepreneur Patrick Drahi, who established the Tel Aviv-based channel in 2013.

The news organization has more than 250 journalists of some 35 different nationalities and is adding around 50 positions for its new U.S. Continue Reading »

Popular Egyptian movistar revealed he’s Jewish in Egyptian TV interview


Despite his Jewish pride, Egyptian film & television actor Karim Kassem was careful to point out to the TV audience, that his Jewish ancestors were not Zionists, as his Jewish grandfather chose not to immigrate to Israel in the Jewish State’s early days.

By Gabe Friedman


JTA – If an actor talked about his Jewishness in an interview in the United States, he wouldn’t make headlines. But in Egypt — where levels of anti-Semitism are high and Jews are often ridiculed on TV shows and in other aspects of popular culture — that kind of revelation is a big deal. Continue Reading »

WATCH Saudi TV personality: Time to admit the truth, terrorists are Muslims


view videoSaudi television journalist rips into ‘hypocritical’ leaders who encourage Jihad, then “have the audacity to declare that they denounce bombings everywhere and that the killing of civilians is an attack on the religion (of Islam).”

By Ari Soffer


A Saudi Arabian TV host has urged Muslims to face up to the fact that Islamic terrorists are indeed Muslims, and do more to combat the phenomenon instead of denying it.

In a rare – and scathing – moment of introspection for an Arab TV host, Nadine Al-Budair insisted no one should be surprised that Islamist terrorists had emerged from “our schools and universities.” Continue Reading »

WATCH: Heartwarming Israeli commercial goes viral

view videoWith Ashton Kutcher’s seal of approval this Super-Pharm commercial is generating a lot of buzz with over 4.7 million views and counting.

By Ynet


An Israeli commercial for razors has gone viral, garnering 4.7 million views and creating a buzz on major websites like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

YouTube Screenshot

YouTube Screenshot

The commercial for Super-Pharm’s “Life” razors shows a man shaving his beard for the first time in 14 years, and his family members having a hard time recognizing him after his transformation.

On Friday, famous American actor Ashton Kutcher posted a link to the commercial to his 17 million Facebook followers. Continue Reading »

Israel’s satellite TV provider drops BBC World

Due to perceived anti-Israeli bias trickling down to ‘low customer satisfaction’, YES dropped Britain’s flagship broadcaster.



One of Israel’s main satellite TV providers has opted to drop the world-famous British Broadcasting Corporation from its line-up of channels, Israeli media reported Friday.

A BBC logo is pictured on a television screen inside the BBC's New Broadcasting House office in central London, on November 12, 2012 - Photo: Carl Court /AFP

A BBC logo is pictured on a television screen inside the BBC’s New Broadcasting House office in central London, on November 12, 2012 – Photo: Carl Court /AFP

The YES satellite company announced it would no longer host BBC World, as the channel enjoys low ratings in Israel as a consequence of being perceived to harbor anti-Israeli bias. Continue Reading »

Mid-East Arabs put politics aside to watch World Cup in Hebrew on Israel TV


Jerusalem welcomes viewers in neighboring Arab countries, saying it is part of Israel’s diplomatic outreach to the Arab world.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


With the World Cup in faraway Brazil coming at a time of unprecedented sectarian violence and soaring tensions in the Middle East, some Arab football fans have been reduced to watching matches in secret or even on a TV channel owned by Israel.

Soccer fans watch the World Cup match between Germany and Algeria at a cafe in Cairo, Egypt – Photo: AP

Since the World Cup kicked off three weeks ago, Sunni Muslim extremists have seized territory in Iraq and Syria and declared an Islamic state.

Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Lebanese viewers watch World Cup on Israel TV

With high cable prices to the only provider broadcasting the World Cup in Lebanon, the residents are turning to Israel television to view it for free.


Lebanon, like most Middle Eastern countries is in a craze over the World Cup taking place this year in Brazil.

world cup

Lebanese tune into Israeli broadcasts of World Cup – Photo: ARAB MEDIA

Exclusive rights to air the World Cup in that country has been granted to a Qatari company ‘Sana’ and is out of the financial reach of many Lebanese citizens, who have been tuning in to Israeli broadcasts to watch the games, Lebanese media reported on Thursday. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Bar Refaeli commercial co-starring a Muppet deemed too risqué for Israel TV


Israeli clothing store Hoodies’ TV commercial, featuring Israel’s supermodel Bar Refaeli involved in sexy scenes, will only be shown after 10 p.m.



A risqué ad featuring Bar Refaeli in bed with a purple, mustachioed Muppet has been banned from running before 10 p.m. in the holy land, Walla!, Israel news website reported. Per a governmental council called The Second Authority for Television and Radio, the ad for local fashion brand Hoodies has “too many sexual insinuations” to be seen during prime time.

Bar Refaeli in bed with a muppet for the Hoodies commercial Photo: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

Bar Refaeli in bed with a muppet for the Hoodies commercial Photo: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

The spot opens with a post-coital shot of the Israeli super model and her puppet friend, a guy named Red Orbach, with whom many Israelis are already familiar.

Continue Reading »

At TV Hall of Fame Induction, Bill Maher says Jay Leno is like Israel

Like Israel, Leno is ‘held to standard no one in the world is expected to live up to.’


Jay Leno’s induction to the TV Hall of Fame on Tuesday was preceded by a spirited and vaguely controversial introduction from Bill Maher, who compared the former “Tonight Show” host to a a small Middle Eastern country some of you may have heard of.


Jay Leno and Bill Maher at Hall of Fame Induction – Photo: Frank Micelotta/Invision

“Jay reminds me a little of Israel,” Maher said of Leno. “He isn’t perfect, but he’s held to standard I don’t think anybody in the world is expected to live up to, but him.”

Continue Reading »

On the lighter side, Meet the new (Jewish) Bachelorette from Atlanta


Andi Dorfman, a nice Jewish 26 yr-old from Atlanta, won hearts & headlines when she bumped herself out of ‘The Bachelor’ just before the final rose.




The Bachelor came to a disappointing close Monday, with leading man Juan Pablo Galavis not proposing. Luckily, something good did come out of the show’s 18th season: The selection of the next “Bachelorette.”

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman, a 26-year-old Jewish Assistant District Attorney from Atlanta, won hearts and headlines when she eliminated herself from the show after having it out with Juan Pablo, who, it seems, is a tad self-absorbed.

Continue Reading »

Heads will Roll: Egyptian TV station investigated for promoting tourism to Israel



A television segment on the Israeli Arab town of Jisr az-Zarqa sparked demands for an investigation from Egyptians who strongly oppose advocating normalization with neighboring Israel.

By Roi Kais


While Egypt is desperately seeking to attract tourists amid the ongoing security crisis in the country, the Egyptian television surprisingly chose to promote tourism in Israel.

Israel Arab village of Jisr az-Zarqa - Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Israel Arab village of Jisr az-Zarqa – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

One of Egypt’s state-owned television channels featured an article this week about the Arab-Israeli town of Jisr az-Zarqa, which is located near the coastal city of Haifa. The segment explained why the village would be a touristic hot-spot, noting the town’s magic, beauty, enchanting nature and friendly residents. Continue Reading »

Finance Minister stops money transfers to settlements



Following Friday evening’s news magazine on Channel 2 suggesting funds intended for West Bank settlements were illegally transferred to Yesha Council for anti-gov’t campaigns, Minister Lapid orders his office to freeze funds transfers pending examination.

By Ynet


Finance Minister Yair Lapid ordered a halt on all money transfers to the settlements pending the clarification regarding their specific use, a statement on his behalf said Saturday evening.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid

Finance Minister Yair Lapid – Photo: Yair Sagi

The decision was made after Channel 2 television reported Friday evening that settlements were misusing government funds. Additional information also reached the finance minister, claiming funds were illegally transferred from the settlements to Yesha (Judea, Samaria and formerly Gaza) Council. Continue Reading »

Lebanon astir after TV channel representatives filmed inside Israeli Air Force base


The Lebanese news channel LBC , was allowed to enter & film inside an IAF base in a bid to send a strong message to the Hezbollah, and the reactions were quick to come, with everyone from Hezbollah to state regulators claiming TV report was Zionist propaganda.

By Roi Kais


Lebanon was astir after a Lebanese news channel was allowed unprecedented access to an IAF base in Israel in a bid to send Hezbollah a message.

IAF commander in Lebanese report

IAF commander in Lebanese report

Throughout the weekend, media outlets from all over Lebanon reported on the interview with Israeli Air Force commanders that was broadcast by the LBC network, with some claiming the story normalizes relations with Israel, which is prohibited according to Lebanese law. Continue Reading »

Lebanese TV invited to Israel Air Force base to film a message to Hezbollah



In unique use of public media, IAF allows Lebanese TV network to film inside secure base and interview Air Force commander in bid to send Hezbollah a clear, direct threat.

By Roi Kais


A Lebanese network was given rare and unprecedented access to an Israeli Air Force base as part of a larger attempt to send Hezbollah a message.

IAF commander in Lebanese report

IAF commander in Lebanese report

A reporter from Lebanon’s LBC interviewed Ramat David Air Force Base commander, as well as Captain Avihai Aderi, head of Arab media at the IDF Spokesperson Unit.

At the beginning of the report, the Lebanese network focused on attempted to reach an agreement regarding Syria: “While world power are at the Geneva II conference to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, head of the Ramat David Air Force Base sends a threatening message, warning against the continued transfer of strategic arms from Syria to Hezbollah, threatening that his army will work to prevent arms’ transfer.” Continue Reading »