Israel’s Shabak is recruiting


Israel’s Shabak, also known as the Shin Bet, is recruiting people to become elite bodyguards for the Israeli leadership.

By Itamar Eichner


The public barely knows about its existence. They mainly see it on their TVs, while people armed with pistols and earpieces are surrounding the leaders of the country.

They are the VIP Protection Unit of the Shin Bet, and they’re looking for the next generation to protect Israel’s leaders.

Screenshot from the Shin Bet video

Still from the Shin Bet video

Last week the Shin Bet sent out a WhatsApp message featuring a video which portrayed the intense and important work of protecting the state leadership – including the president and the prime minister – against terrorists and sabotage both in Israel and abroad.

The organization is hoping the video will reach potential candidates, start a buzz, and get out to the general public which might not necessarily know about the existence of the unit or the possibilities of working in it.

The video has been spread far and wide and to many different people, including soldiers getting released from select units in the IDF. The organization hopes that a high number of candidates come to the screenings so that the pool they have to choose from will be large.

Meanwhile, the video itself shows and explains a lot about how the unit works. It portrays members of the unit during weapons training, practicing Krav Maga, and showing how they deal with a terror attack and an assassination attempt.

Special Shin Bet jeeps were also spotlighted, with several scenes which seem like they were lifted straight out of an action movie, even including a screeching car chase. All of this is accompanied by the sounds of sirens and explosions.

The Shin Bet website describes the type of person they are looking for – “being a body guard is a challenging, interesting, and dynamic profession. An ideal candidate has the following characteristics: have an athletic lifestyle, have high levels of physical fitness, disciplined, ability to be discrete, wide general knowledge, curiosity, and be a person who strives for excellence.

Thinking of trying out? The Shin Bet website notes that the length of time required to serve in the unit is a minimum of three years. It includes a basic Shin Bet course and another supplementary course. If you sill aren’t convinced, the Shin Bet mentions that the people serving have a wide range of professions within the organization; from command positions in the unit or being in charge of the security for Israeli delegations to outside of the country to jobs in intelligence.


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