Jailed: 3 Arabs Planned Massacre Disguised as Orthodox Jews

In amazing story, Jerusalem District Court imprisons 3 Israeli Arabs before executing terrorist attack at wedding-hall disguised as Jewish guests, but armed with machine guns.

By Tova Dvorin


The Jerusalem District Court convicted three Arab residents of Jerusalem of conspiring to carry out a terror attack Tuesday, after they were found to have planned an attack on a wedding hall in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood.

The three, named as Anas Awisat, Basel Abidat and Ahmed Sorour, were arrested last month following a joint operation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) and the Israel police.

According to Channel 10, the three had been planning on dressing up as hareidi Jews before entering the hall, disguised as guests, and then shooting everyone inside.

Planning for the attack began last December, when two of the defendants decided to carry out the attack, and choose the Nof event hall in the neighborhood because Awisat worked there in the past and said that events there usually include over 1,000 people, allowing them to maim or kill a large number of Jewish Israelis.

They became interested in the purchase of weapons and made contact with a Palestinian Arab arms dealer, who sold them two small machine guns and an Uzi for 50,000 dollars after they raised the necessary funds.

During the month of December 2014 the three traveled with their vehicle to the hall and looked at the building. They examined where the main entrance and where the staff entrance were and what would be the most convenient way to enter the hall, eventually choosing the main entrance – but they were caught before they could carry out the attack.

The conviction highlights an upswing in attacks on Jewish Israelis recently by Arabs who work near major social venues, such as the Har Nof massacre – carried out by terrorists who worked at a nearby grocery and convenience store – and the attempted assassination of Yehuda Glick, which was carried out by a terrorist who worked at the event hall where he was shot.


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