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Israeli District Court Allows Confiscation of Flotilla Ships Violating Gaza Blockade

In a major precedent which should deter future flotillas attempting to break the legally ruled blockade, the Haifa District Court now allows the state to confiscate maritime vessels, if action is taken in a timely manner.



The state can confiscate ships used in flotillas to break the IDF’s sea blockade of Gaza, the Haifa Court, sitting as a maritime court, has ruled setting a new major precedent which could deter the flotilla tactic.

The Haifa District Attorney’s Office announced the decision on Wednesday in which Deputy Haifa Court President Ron Sokol had, earlier in the week, approved the state’s request to seize the Zaytouna-Oliva ship which sailed in a September 2016 “women’s flotilla” to break the blockade. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem District Court: Palestinian Authority to compensate torture victims

In a precedent legal decision, the Jerusalem District Court orders Abbas’ PA is to compensate 52 Arab torture victims, including a man with a Jewish mother who was tortured to death.
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By Eliran Baruch


The District Court in Jerusalem issued a precedent setting decision, finding that the Palestinian Authority (PA) tortured, imprisoned, and murdered dozens of Arabs suspected of collaborating with Israel. As part of its decision, the court ordered the PA to compensate the victims.

Attorneys Barak Kedem, Arye Arbus, and Nati Rom, who represented the plaintiffs, demanded that an indictment be filed against the PA for the human rights violations. Continue Reading »

Seeking legal precedent: Israel gov’t vs. Widow & children of Palestinian terrorist for $2.3M


Jerusalem’s District Prosecutors filed suit Sunday, suing widow and 3 children of Palestinian terrorist for $2.3 million for reparations to the state in what will set a legal precedent in Israel’s future actions designed to deter Palestinians carrying out terror attacks.

By i24NEWS


Israel has filed the first lawsuit against the family of a Palestinian terrorist who carried out a car-ramming killing four in Jerusalem in January 2017.

Jerusalem’s District Prosecutors filed the suit Sunday, suing his widow and three children for $2.3 million dollars for reparations to the state in what will set a precedent for Israel’s future action against Palestinians carrying out terror attacks. Continue Reading »

Israel charges UN-Hamas double-agent in Beersheba District Court


UN Development Program has alternately expressed condemnation of their Gaza engineer’s alleged betrayal, while implying that maybe Israel’s charges may be inaccurate.



A senior United Nations engineer in the Gaza Strip was arraigned Thursday in Beersheba District Court on charges that he abused his post in order to aid Hamas, including using the construction of a port as a base of operations for its naval commandos.

Forced to remain in squalor as Hamas redirects funds for food, health & reconstruction to tunnel construction & wages to Hamas militants. - Photo: NYT

Forced to remain in squalor as Hamas redirects funds for food, health & reconstruction to tunnel construction & wages to Hamas militants. – Photo: NYT

After the court confirmed that 38-year-old Wahid Abdullah al-Bursh of Jabalya understood the charges, Bursh’s attorney, Lea Tsemel, said she would be filing several pretrial motions against the charges. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Shin Bet arrests 5 suspected ISIS followers from Nazareth


After an intelligence search & investigation by the IDF’s Northern Command, joined by the Shin Bet, Israel’s Northern District prosecutors charged 5 men from Nazareth with severe security offenses at the Northern District Court on Tuesday.



Security forces arrested five Arab Israeli youths from Nazareth on suspicion of training with weapons and holding secret meetings after coming under the influence of ISIS ideology, the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency announced on Tuesday.

Suspected ISIS members arrested by Shin Bet. – Photo: SHIN BET,JPOST STAFF

In a joint Shin Bet – Israel Police Northern District announcement, security forces said arrests were made throughout October and November, of men aged 18, 18, 22, 23, and 27, all from the Suleiman clan in the northern part of the city. Continue Reading »

Pipe Bombs & Rifles Found Across the Jerusalem Courthouse


Arab father & son arrested after Israel Police & K-9 unit discover rifles with ammo and explosives, concealed in their home adjacent to the Jerusalem District Court.

By Oranit Etzer


Two Arab terrorists, father and son, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon after explosives and weapons were discovered in their home in Jerusalem.

Their home is located adjacent to the Jerusalem District Court on Salah al-Din Road not far from Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus Campus; just last Monday a firebomb was thrown at the court in an attempt to burn it down.

Police detectives searched the home aided by Border Patrol officers and a canine unit, and found hidden in the house explosives, improvised rifles and ammunition.

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Jerusalem District Court Rejects Islamic Movement Leader Raed Salah’s Appeal


The verdict sends Raed Salah, the leader of the extremist Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, to begin 11 months incarceration for incitement in a speech given in 2007.


Raed Salah, the leader of the extremist Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, had his appeal rejected in the Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday and will have to serve the 11-month sentence he received in March for incitement in a speech he gave in 2007.

Sheikh Raed Salah – Photo: REUTERS

Salah is scheduled to begin serving his sentence on November 15.

The verdict comes at a sensitive time of daily terrorist attacks by Palestinians against Israelis. Continue Reading »

Landmark Court Verdict: Jerusalem Man Sentenced to Prison for Incitement on Facebook

In precedent-setting case, a Jerusalem Arab, father of 6 jailed for posting comments glorifying terrorist attacks, including the brutal murder of 3 Israeli teens.

By Shlomo Pyotrokovsky


A Jerusalem District Court judge has sentenced an Arab resident of the capital to nine months in prison, in a landmark case over incitement on social media.

Omer Shalbi incited terrorism on Facebook (illustrative) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Omer Shalbi was convicted for posts he made on Facebook over the past year, in which he expressed sympathy with the terrorists behind the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens last summer, the Har Nof synagogue massacre, and the series of deadly attacks by “lone wolf” terrorists using vehicles and knives to target Israeli civilians and security personnel during that same period. Continue Reading »

Israeli Arab arrested for transferring funds for Hamas agents in West Bank

Malik Khatib from Kafr Kanna was indited for transferring funds from Hamas militants in Gaza to Palestinians in the West Bank and driving illegals from Gaza to Israel.

By Hassan Shaalan & Yoav Zitun


An indictment was filed Tuesday morning in the Nazareth District Court against Malik Khatib, 31, a dentist from the village of Kafr Kanna in northern Israel on suspicion he made contact with a Hamas agent and transferred funds to Hamas in Ramallah. He was also charged with illegal transportation and fraud under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Malik Khatib in court Tuesday. – Photo: Mohammad Shinawi


At his court hearing Tuesday, Khatib said: “I have no connection to Hamas, I have no connection to any of the allegations – everything is a lie. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel Navy intercepts vessel smuggling rocket-making materials from Sinai to Gaza

The 3 Palestinian suspects captured by the Israel Navy on January 19 were charged on Wednesday at the Beersheva District Court with a range of maritime & security offenses.


The Israel Navy and the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency jointly intercepted a boat traveling from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt to the Gaza Strip, carrying material for the production of rockets and mortars, security forces announced on Wednesday.

The navy patrols off the coast of Gaza. – Archive Photo: YAAKOV LAPPIN

The capture occurred on January 19, when the boat, carrying liquid fiberglass and three Gaza residents, was intercepted by the navy. Continue Reading »

Jailed: 3 Arabs Planned Massacre Disguised as Orthodox Jews

In amazing story, Jerusalem District Court imprisons 3 Israeli Arabs before executing terrorist attack at wedding-hall disguised as Jewish guests, but armed with machine guns.

By Tova Dvorin


The Jerusalem District Court convicted three Arab residents of Jerusalem of conspiring to carry out a terror attack Tuesday, after they were found to have planned an attack on a wedding hall in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood.

The three, named as Anas Awisat, Basel Abidat and Ahmed Sorour, were arrested last month following a joint operation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) and the Israel police.

According to Channel 10, the three had been planning on dressing up as hareidi Jews before entering the hall, disguised as guests, and then shooting everyone inside.

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PA Panics, Files Another ‘Desperate’ Writ to Postpone Terror Trial – Again

Palestinian Authority legal team tries once again to stall January court date on $1 billion terror lawsuit in NY Circuit Court.

Israel Law Center: ‘Families of victims deserve their day in court.’ 

By Ari Yashar


After losing a landmark decision on November 20 allowing them to be tried for terrorism charges in a $1 billion case, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have now filed a very rare appeal to the Second Circuit of courts trying to squash the case.

Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) is leading the legal charge against the PA and PLO.
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United States District Judge scheduled jury selection for damages trial against Arab Bank

A jury will determine how much money the Jordanian-based bank, found guilty of violating the Anti-Terrorism Act, owes in damages to the American victims of Hamas terror attacks the Arab Bank funded.

By Cynthia Blank


Arab Bank will face a jury trial in May to determine how much money it owes in damages to victims of Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, a court order stated.

In September a federal jury found Arab Bank liable for providing material support to Hamas in two dozen attacks attributed to the terrorist group. Nearly 300 Americans who were either victims or related to victims of the attacks were plaintiffs in the suit.

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Jerusalem District Court has ruled against gender segregation at funerals

The Jerusalem District Court has ruled that unless deceased’s family specifically requests segregation, Chevra Kadisha burial society can no longer place signs separating between men & women at cemeteries.

By Kobi Nachshoni


The Chevra Kadisha burial society will not be able to place signs separating between men and women in cemeteries, unless the deceased’s family specifically asks for it, the Jerusalem District Court has ruled.

Sign reads, ‘Men to the right, women to the left’ (archives)

The outline suggested by the court has been accepted by both Chevra Kadisha and groups opposing gender segregation. The parties are now waiting for Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to confirm that the proposal does not fall under the category of forbidden exclusion of women in the public domain. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem District Court Rules Abbas’ PA Gov’t Liable for Terrorist Murders

In precedent-setting case surrounding murdered Israelis by the hand of terrorists, Jerusalem District Court rejects Palestinian Authority’s ‘statehood’ claim as grounds for ‘immunity’.

By Shlomo Pitrikovsky and Cynthia Blank


In a precedent-setting ruling, Vice President of the Jerusalem District Court, Judge Moshe Drori, ruled that the Palestinian Authority is civilly liable for the murder of three Israelis.

The suit was filed by the estates and relatives of the victims Yaniv Ben-Shalom, his wife, Sharon Ben-Shalom, and her brother Doron Yosef Sawari, who were killed in a shooting in August 2001 during the Second Intifada.

It is infuriating to read the PA claim that providing money or weapons to perpetrators of terrorist attacks is part of its actions as a ‘state.’

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