Jerusalem’s Artificial Beach Offends Capital’s Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis


Jewish Ultra-Orthodox residents of Israel’s capital, condemn opening of artificial ‘beach,’ calling it ‘immoral’ and an ‘abomination’.

By i24news


Ultra-Orthodox Jewish (haredi) residents in Jerusalem have condemned the opening of an artificial beach in the city, saying it will lead to immorality and the desecration of the Jewish Sabbath.

The  Largest Artificial Beach of the World - Seagaia Ocean Dome - Photo:  flickr

The Largest Artificial Beach of the World – Seagaia Ocean Dome in Miyazaki, Japan – Photo: flickr

The 2,000 square meter artificial beach, located at the First Train Station complex in Jerusalem, features pools, a surfing simulator and concerts. The concept is intended to give the landlocked city a taste of Tel Aviv beaches during the summer.

But the launch of the “beach” was met with stiff opposition from the haredi community, who claimed it would lead to “immorality” in the holy city, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In a letter issued to the Jerusalem municipality, a group of senior rabbis asked the city to reconsider the project.

“I request from the depths of my heart from every one [of the religious municipal council members] to stand with full strength and to prevent the desecration of the Sabbath which is being done at the train station complex,” wrote Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl.

“And in addition, they have added recently terrible immorality at the complex, and we must arise and protest so that this thing will be stopped as soon as possible, and anyone who fears Heaven understands how important it is to work in order that our holy city be not further humiliated, and to remove this awful immorality immediately from the palace of the King,” the letter stated.

Yated Ne’eman, a local haredi newspaper, published an article on the beach opening with the headline “Scandal: The Jerusalem municipality intends next week to open a huge complex for Shabbat-violators and terrible deeds.”

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, one of the ultra-Orthodox community’s leaders, called the site an “abomination, unheard of, where they frighteningly violate the sanctity of the Holy City.”


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