Jerusalem Thrilled by Trump’s Appointment of Nikki Haley as UN Envoy


President-elect Donald Trump’s pick as US ambassador to the UN will be celebrated in Israel, and denounced in Iran.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel was among the first, and was certainly the most exuberant of UN member states to welcome US President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for ambassador to the world body.


Danny Danon – Facebook

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was selected for the position on Wednesday, and Israel Ambassador to the UN immediately hailed the decision.

Haley is a “longstanding and true friend of Israel,” wrote Danon in a statement that went on to note the governor’s “outspoken [fight] against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement in her state and throughout the US.”

While laws pushed through by Haley do not mention Israel specifically, they forbid state bodies from doing business with any companies or individuals who are engaged in a boycott against an entity with which South Carolina does trade.

Earlier this year, Haley promised that if the Republicans won the recent election they would, contrary to the Obama Administration, “make international agreements that were celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran, not the other way around.”

Danon vowed that with Haley filling the critical position of US Ambassador to the UN, “we at the Israeli mission will continue to work in full partnership with our friends in the American Mission, as we further strengthen the special bond and shared values between Israel and the US.”


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