Jew beaten & hospitalized by Palestinian extremists in Toronto

Brandishing ‘Never Again’ on his sleeve, Sun News reports how Jewish man was brutally attacked by pro-Palestine thugs



A Palestinian mob was taped beating Jews with both Palestine flags and Canadian flags:


Injured man taken to hospital by paramedics. – Screenshot



  1. Clea Belcher says:

    Again, thank you for helping to expose the wretching violence, evil and hypocrisy of militant Palestinians. They study and live violence. Israel’s society teaches and commands morality and peace. The Almighty will laugh at the offenders when He soon shakes the earth.

  2. Sigmund Derman says:

    Obviously, the people that needed to be arrested were those who delivered that beating. Do the Canadians really want to live in a country in which you can be arrested and jailed for speaking your mind but in which someone can beat (or presumably kill) you with impunity? I guess it’s up to them to decide. As for me, I’ll stick with the US even if I end up struggling a little in retirement. Frankly I don’t know why a country can’t have the best of both worlds (i.e. a better economic safety net plus individual freedoms). But if I have to choice (and I guess I do) I will continue to choose the USA and I will work hard to keep the US from going the way of Canada in the direction of misplaced political correctness.

  3. Claudio Puviani says:

    As a Canadian, I am deeply ashamed and disgusted that this happened on our soil. As I said to a friend, this only proves that it does nothing to give these scumbags a peaceful home in a civilized society with opportunities for prosperity. Even with all that, they’re still nothing more than drooling murderous beasts whose only purpose for living is to kill Jews. I wish I had the power to deport every last one of them. They are trying to poison Canada like they poison everything else they touch.

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