Jewish cemetery outside of Prague vandalized

Czech police say unidentified vandals desecrated 26 headstones in a Jewish cemetery south of Prague.

Czech police say unknown vandals knocked over 26 tombstones in a Jewish cemetery south of Prague.

A Jewish gravestone is desecrated with Nazi symbols

A Jewish gravestone is desecrated with Nazi symbols at a cemetery in Dortmund, Germany, Monday, Jan. 10, 2005. – Photo by AP

Police spokesman Miroslav Doubek says the tombstones were likely overturned in the last two months. The cemetery, which is no longer used for burials, is located in the woods near the village of Prudice, about 65 kilometers (40 miles) south of Prague.

Doubek said Wednesday an unspecified number of the tombstones were broken into pieces. The cemetery contains around 150 tombstones.

Earlier this month, the European Union launched an online survey into how Jews experience anti-Semitism in nine member states.

Results will be published in an EU report next year, according to Henry Nickels of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, who spoke at a European Jewish Parliament conference in Brussels.

Nickels’ Vienna-based intergovernmental body and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, an independent organization from London, commissioned the British market research company Ipsos MORI to conduct the survey.

The study “investigates firsthand examples of anti-Semitic harassment and violence as well as the extent to which Jews feel safe in Europe,” a statement by the institute said.


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