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Berlin and Prague argues ICC cannot rule on Palestinian issue

Germany and the Czech Republic back Israel’s stance against the International Criminal Court’s probe against the Jewish State on major legal points: Palestine does not meet the criteria for statehood, by not having secured & internationally recognized borders, a single government over all its territory, nor the capacity to enter into relations with other States, and thus, ‘Palestine’ cannot present a case to the ICC, according to its own charter.

By i24NEWS


Germany offered to join the proceedings in the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday as a “friend of a court” — a party that is not part of the proceedings but is willing to put their information or expertise at the court’s service — alongside the Czech Republic and the Israeli Bar Association. Continue Reading »

Czech parliament condemns anti-Semitism & anti-Israel boycotts

The Czech parliament passed a resolution Tuesday condemning all types of boycotts against Israel and all manifestations of anti-Semitism.

By Gary Willig


The Czech parliament passed a resolution Tuesday condemning boycotts of Israel and all forms of anti-Semitism.

The resolution was passed following a spate of anti-Semitic incidents across Europe and a similar decision by the German parliament calling the BDS movement anti-Semitic.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz on i24NEWS interview – Screengrab i24NEWS

Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz praised the move.

“I welcome the adoption of an important resolution, by the Czech Chamber of Deputies, condemning all forms of Antisemitism. Continue Reading »

Czech PM & ministers support President Zeman’s Jerusalem embassy move

To the chagrin of the European Union, whose position on Jerusalem’s status is to be the capital of a probable, future Palestinian state, the Czech Republic’s PM Andrej Babis and President Milos Zeman, along with prominent ministers of gov’t, signed a statement for “the plan to move the Czech embassy to Jerusalem.”

By i24NEWS


The Czech Republic’s prime minister and two senior ministers on Wednesday threw their support behind President Milos Zeman’s ambition of relocating the country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

In April, just weeks before the United States relocated its mission to Jerusalem, Zeman announced a three-stage plan to rejig the central European state’s stance on the holy city, which ended in moving its embassy there.

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Czech FM, ‘Hamas alone responsible for Palestinian deaths during protests’

Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister issues uniquely honest statement for a European leader regarding the Gaza strip border violence, saying, “It’s also important to note…that Hamas habitually sends children to the riots’ focal points, so it could blame Israel for the deaths of children in front of the world.”
– Watch Video from Gaza

By Itamar Eichner


Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Stropnický issued a public statement on his ministry’s website Thursday in which he said Hamas alone was responsible for the deaths of Palestinians during Gaza Strip border protests in recent weeks.

Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Stropnický – Official DoD photo by Sgt.

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Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania block EU rant over US embassy move

Three eastern European countries take a principled stand with Israel by blocking a formal EU statement admonishing the U.S. over their upcoming Embassy move to Jerusalem on Monday.



The Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania have recently blocked a (EU) statement slamming the United States over its plan to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a spokesman said Saturday.

Once again the EU takes a stand against Israel’s sovereignty. – Wikimedia Commons

“The Czech Republic has protested against the planned statement,” Jiri Ovcacek, spokesman for Czech President Milos Zeman, told AFP.

“We appreciate that Hungary and Romania have taken the same principled stance,” he said, adding Zeman had agreed on the refusal with Prime Minister Andrej Babis and Foreign Minister Martin Stropnicky. Continue Reading »

Czech President Milos Zeman vows to expedite embassy relocation to Jerusalem

Having just been sworn in for his second term, and with a history of refusing to fall in line with EU policy, President Milos Zeman instructed officials to explore the logistical aspects involved in pushing the move forward.

By Eldad Beck


Czech President Milos Zeman on Thursday doubled down on his intent to see his country’s embassy in Israel relocate from Tel Aviv Jerusalem, saying he plans to push the move through.

Zeman was sworn in for a second term as president of the Czech Republic on Thursday. While the post is largely ceremonial, the president does have some leverage on strategic matters. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Czech Army sought to acquire Israel’s APC, the ‘Namer’

According to a defense magazine report, the Czech army requested to purchase the IDF’s Namer APC, considered one of the world’s most fortified.
– WATCH ‘Namer’ video

By Tzvi Lev


The Czech army was highly impressed by the Israeli-made Namer APC, and requested the right to purchase it, the Below The Turret defense magazine reported.

According to the report, the Czech army asked Israel to buy the Namer, (Hebrew for “leopard”) to replace its aging Soviet-made BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The report said further that the Namer was among nine finalists, but Israel didn’t respond with a price quote in time for the deadline. Continue Reading »

Czech Republic replaces old Russian radars with Israeli made radar systems



The Czech Republic is reportedly buying 8 Israeli manufactured radar systems to detect anything flying between 100 meters to 3 kilometers, such as low flying aircraft attempting to violate Czech airspace.

By The Associated Press


European fears of possible Russian action have led to huge business deals with Israeli security providers, with the Czech Republic purchasing MMR radars from the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The radar is the same one used by both the Iron Dome and David’s Sling anti-missile defense systems. It is used to identify and locate incoming rockets but is also able to identify other aerial targets within a 250km radius. Continue Reading »

Czech Parliament rejects EU decision to label products from Jewish settlements




The Czech Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday urging their government not to implement a European Union decision to label Israeli products exported from the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Continue Reading »

Visiting Czech FM tells Netanyahu: Expect isolation if no change on West Bank, Gaza policies


The Czech Republic’s foreign minister warned Monday that it will become increasingly difficult for his country to maintain its pro-Israel position if Israel fails to take viable steps toward establishing a Palestinian state.

Czech Republic’s foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek – Screenshot

Lubomír Zaorálek said that Israel risks suffering international isolation if it doesn’t change its policies in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

“As a close friend of yours, it is important for the Czech Republic to say that if the situation does not change it will be hard to maintain our position,” Zaorálek said in an interview with the Walla news site during a trip to Israel. Continue Reading »

Czech Jewish Communities protest achievement award presented to Mel Gibson

Gibson to receive award even though he is denounced for his anti-Semitic outbursts made in 2006, and his hateful depiction of Jews in “The Passion of the Christ”.


Leaders of the Czech Jewish community have protested at the lifetime achievement award presented to actor Mel Gibson at the opening of the 2014 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on Friday.

Mel Gibson - Reuters - 11092011

World renowned anti-Semite Mel Gibson – Photo: Reuters

Czech Federation of Jewish Communities officials objected to the honor, claiming Gibson’s 2004 movie “The Passion of the Christ” portrayed Jews as “evil and blood-thirsty,” Bloomberg reported.

In 2006, Oscar winner Gibson was forced to apologize for anti-Semitic comments he made to a police officer who arrested him for drink driving in Malibu, California, The movie star and director accepted his remarks were “vitriolic and harmful.”

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Palestinian Ambassador in Prague likely killed by book-bomb


In contradiction to initial Palestinian claims, evidence suggests plastic explosive laden book caused blast that killed PA envoy in January.

By Reuters


The Palestinian ambassador to Prague who died in a blast in January was most likely killed by a decades-old charge of Semtex plastic explosive concealed in a book, a newspaper reported on Tuesday citing a police investigator.

Jamal al-Jamal - Photo: Michal Krumphanzl/AP

Jamal al-Jamal – Photo: Michal Krumphanzl/AP

Police had decided Jamal al-Jamal was not assassinated, but had simply unwittingly opening a book booby-trapped years earlier, the source told daily newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes.

“It was an unfortunate accident. The ambassador was a thorough man who wanted to put some old things in order, and among them there were two books with explosives,” the paper quoted the source as saying. Continue Reading »

Czech Police: Palestinian Envoy Killed by Explosive He Was Holding


In contradiction of initial Embassy claims, Czech police now report Palestinian ambassador Jamal al-Jamal was not killed by booby-trapped safe.

By Associated Press, Int’l Business Times


The explosion that killed the ambassador at the Palestinian Embassy complex in Prague was not caused by a booby-trapped safe as previously believed, Czech investigators said Monday.

The flag-covered body of Jamal al-Jamal lies in a mosque during his funeral in the city of Ramallah – Photo: Reuters

Police said that their investigation has revealed that the blast that killed Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal on Jan. 1 did not occur inside the safe and no explosive device was part of the safe. Continue Reading »

Now explosives discovered at Czech Palestine mission after explosion & cache found

CZECH investigators have reported that after the discovery of a large illegal weapons cache, they later discovered explosives at the Palestinian embassy complex in Prague where a possibly booby-trapped safe killed the ambassador on New Year’s day.




Police discovered 12 illegal weapons following the explosion at the embassy that killed Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal, but this is the first time that authorities said explosives were also found in the new complex that includes the embassy and the ambassador’s residence.

Explosion at home of Palestinian ambassador in Czech Republic

Firefighters search the area after the explosion, Prague January 1, 2014 – Photo: Reuters

It remains unclear what caused the safe to explode but the ambassador’s death is being investigated as a case of negligence.

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Are Palestinian Embassies Fronts for Europe’s Weapons Smuggling Operation?

Unnamed Czech Officials: The explosion in home of killed Palestinian envoy exposed illegal weapons cache that could be the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ of an European weapons smuggling ring.




A weapons cache that exploded inside a locked safe at the site of the future Palestinian Authority embassy in Prague was entirely unregistered, and the illegal cache may be just the tip of the iceberg of a Europe-wide weapons smuggling ring, according to Czech officials. The sources made the allegation in interviews with Czech-language Aktualne.cz, which were translated by the Elder of Ziyon blog.

weapons - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

weapons (illustrative) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

According to available information, 70 firearms, unregistered by Czech authorities, were found in the future embassy building, in Prague 6-Suchdol, after an explosion killed Ambassador Jamel al-Jamal last week. Continue Reading »