Jordan assigned to ‘inspect Israel’s violations’ at Temple Mount for ICC case




Jordan has been appointed to form an international judicial committee to inspect Israel’s “violations” on the Temple Mount, Jordanian daily Al-Rai reported on Sunday.

Border Police officers patrol Temple Mount area. – Photo: REUTERS

This role was assigned to Jordan, which is internationally recognized as the preserver of the holy places in Jerusalem, during a conference that took place recently in Egypt, assembling Arab judicial experts.


The committee’s chairman will be the lawyer Faisal Hizahi, an international judicial specialist, who said that the committee will inspect and document all the violations that harm the holy places in Jerusalem, and start criminal procedures against Israel in the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

In addition, Hizahi stated that the white paper submitted by the committee emphasized the central role of Jordan’s king, Abdullah II, in inspecting the daily violations committed by Israel in Jerusalem and forming a united international stance towards them.

The recent wave of violence between Israel and the Palestinians erupted following a Palestinian campaign aimed at “saving Al-Aksa from the Judafication efforts of Israel.”

The recurrent visits of Israeli MKs to the site, which is holy to both Muslims and Jews, were perceived by many Muslims as a sign of Israel’s intention to change the status quo.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that Israel has no intention to change the status quo, which holds that Jews can visit the Temple Mount but cannot pray there.


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