KKL-JNF Hosts Agriculture Festival in the Galilee’s Hula Lake Park


800,000 visitors celebrated ‘blue & white’ agriculture throughout  Keren Kayemeth – Jewish National Fund parks this past Sukkoth.



Around 800,000 visitors packed KKL-JNF sites all over Israel during the Sukkot holiday, including the many thousands who attended the Hula Lake Festival celebrating agriculture and community development in the Galilee and the Golan. Running from 29/9 to 1/10, the festival took place in parallel to, and in the spirit of, the international Milan Expo whose theme is “Feeding the World – Energy for Life.”

Agriculture Festival at Hula Lake Park. – Photo:KKL-JNF

“KKL-JNF supports the communities of northern Israel and strengthens the region. This is an opportunity for all the people of Israel to come here, have a good time and learn about agriculture, residential development and KKL-JNF projects,” said Yiftah Harhol, KKL-JNF Director of the Northern Region.

The festival took place parallel to, and in the spirit of, the international Milan Expo whose theme is “Feeding the World – Energy for Life.” A large and spectacular “Fields of Tomorrow” wall with edible plants growing out of it was installed at the entrance to the festival by the Hula Lake, resembling the wall constructed at the entrance to the Israel pavilion in Milan. The wall was covered with different kinds of lettuce, broccoli and corn, and the surrounding green fields provided it with an authentic backdrop.

Alon Guter, a KKL-JNF guide, welcomed visitors to the KKL-JNF pavilion, where he told them about the organization’s work and delighted them with souvenirs – postcards with nature pictures, bookmarks, magnets, scented trees for the car and other surprises. “This exhibition is about agriculture and residential development and has been attracting many visitors and benefiting the rural areas,” he said.

The pavilion exhibited of pictures from the KKL-JNF Photo Archive, with natural landscapes, birds and historical pictures from the early days of the State of Israel. In the center of the pavilion, on a giant cube with video screens, various films were screened describing KKL-JNF’s work for developing Israel and protecting the environment, about the Hula Lake and about the Milan Expo.

Gilat Roda from Kibbutz HaGoshrim was at the festival with her son Aviv. “This is an amazing combination of nature, scenic landscapes, agriculture, wildlife and activities for children. The KKL-JNF area is fascinating and impressive, for adults and for children, with visual media, films and pictures,” she said.




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