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Israeli farmers’ innovation with declining bee population is mechanical pollinator

Israeli expert says, “As the bee population is declining, global agriculture needs a solution which doesn’t rely on bees anymore but which will either supplement or eventually replace the bees.”

By  Reuters, Israel Hayom Staff


A mechanical hum replaced the buzz of the bees in one Israeli almond orchard this season as farmers, concerned over the global decline of bee populations, tried a new method to pollinate their crops.

Through the blooming almond trees near the ancient site of Tel Arad in a desert plain in southern Israel, a tractor pulled a mast equipped with about a dozen small cannons that precisely shot pollen at the trees, allowing them to fertilize. Continue Reading »

Video Report: Israeli Investors Spark African Cannabis Business Boom

Among other African countries joining in, South Africa is seeing a huge boom in their cannabis industry, as Israeli eyes are looking to invest big and donate part of their profits to help the local communities.

By i24NEWS


Low labor costs, minimal regulation, sufficient water supply and excellent weather conditions have attracted Israeli medical cannabis industry leaders to several countries in Africa.

Cannabis greenhouse – Screenshot: Israel’s i24NEWS video report

By paying local workers over twice the average monthly income, and guarantees to reinvest part of the profits into the local medical system, authorities are welcoming the cooperation with the Israelis to spur their economies. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel brings its agricultural know-how to 140 developing countries

Israel’s Arava International Center for Agriculture Training (AICAT) teaches students from developing countries around the world about Israeli water conservation technologies and crop/greenhouse management. 

By i24News








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PM Netanyahu announces Israeli project of investing in developing countries

Israel’s PM Netanyahu appoints governmental committee to join international efforts in helping developing countries in the areas the Jewish State excels in: agricultural technologies and water management.

By Eran Bar-Tal and Israel Hayom Staff


Israel will be joining an international effort to to invest in the developing world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Israel will devise solutions to help the United Nations meet its goals in the developing world, focusing on the fields of water, agriculture and nutrition, health, education and technology.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds summit meeting with leaders of 7 East African states to discuss projects Israel can assist it.

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US based Tyson Foods invests $2.2M in Israeli biotech that grows meat in labs

Tyson Foods, the largest US meat processor, invests $2.2 million in Jerusalem-based biotech firm, Future Meat Technologies,  one of several companies working on technology to supply increased demand for meat without depleting the planet’s resources.

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


Tyson Foods, the largest U.S. meat processor, has invested in an Israeli biotech company developing a way to grow affordable meat in a laboratory that takes live animals out of the equation.

Future Meat Technologies focuses on producing fat and muscle cells that are the core building blocks of meat, and is one of several firms working on technology to meet the world’s rising demand for meat without adding more pressure on land from livestock. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem to snub UNESCO prize honoring Israel’s innovative Volcani Institute

In light of UNESCO’s overtly anti-Israel character, Jerusalem has decided not to attend the 2017 Life Sciences ceremony, awarding this year’s prize to the Israeli research center, which is part of the Agriculture Ministry.
• “The prize awarded to the Volcani Institute will not serve as a fig leaf to legitimize the political resolutions of this organization, which harm the State of Israel,” commented an Israeli gov’t official.

By Itamar Eichner


The United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) has chosen to honor the Israeli Volcani Institute, but the Israeli government has decided to snub the event.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel have decided, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Office, that the institute would not accept the prize as part of steps Israel is taking against UNESCO for its anti-Israel resolutions. Continue Reading »

Israel continues funding feeding sanctuaries for millions of migrating Great White Pelicans

Israel’s Agriculture Ministry announced it will continue funding rest sanctuaries and food for the vast amount of Great White Pelicans that migrate over the country annually.
• The project keep the birds from emptying the fish farms, protecting the farmers, and their fish.

By Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Migrating pelicans can once again stop by for a mouthful of fish in Israel.

The Agriculture Ministry said Wednesday it would keep funding a pet project to feed thousands of Great White Pelicans who fly annually over the country.

The idea is to centralize their feeding ground at a central Israeli reservoir so the birds do not harm the livelihood of farmers by poaching fish from nearby breeding grounds. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli bioengineers make veggies mega-healthier with purple beet pigments

Israeli researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science have genetically engineered vegetables by infusing them with betalain pigments from beets, making them “insanely healthy.”




View original Arutz Sheva publication at:
http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/235099 Continue Reading »

Israeli agriculture center wins UNESCO global prize for innovation


A first for the UN body to award Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center the life sciences award.
• Volcani Center director said, This is a ‘great achievement for the state and underscores our contribution not just to science but to international cooperation for ensuring food security for future generations.’

By Danielle Roth-Avneri


The Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center, a government-run institute in central Israel known for its groundbreaking discoveries, is among the three winners of the UNESCO Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences for 2017.

The Cohen family, Dr. Dai and Uri Ariel at presentation of the “Hadar strawberry,” named after Hadar Cohen kill by a terrorist in Jerusalem.  

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Israel presents its new agricultural innovations at 2017 Fresh Agro Int’l Expo


The annual 2-day Fresh Agro-Mashov International Agriculture Exhibition in Tel Aviv, one of the biggest int’l expos of its kind in the world, is featuring new produce varieties and an innovative photo-based mobile app that gauges the freshness of fruits & veggies.

By Danielle Roth-Avneri


Israel is slated to host the 2017 Fresh Agro-Mashov International Agriculture Exhibition this week, one of the biggest international expos of its kind in the world.

The AclaroMeter mobile application analyzes the quality and freshness of produce based on photos – Photo: Courtesy of AclarTech

The two-day convention, which will be held on June 27-28 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, was organized by the Mashov Company, a 26-year veteran in organizing international exhibitions focused on agriculture, gardening and water, infrastructure and environmental technology. Continue Reading »

Israel taps its expertise in medicine, technology & agriculture for its newest harvest


REPORT: As the cannabinoids begin to enter the drug market in 2018-2019, a revolution in the field of pharmaceuticals will be seen in Israel, since it is the only place in the world that has the ability to perform all 4 components: cultivation, pharmaceutical ingredient extractions, encapsulation for specific cannabinoids and drug delivery systems.



Israel’s medical cannabis industry is at a crossroads and according to Breath of Life Pharma CEO Dr. Tamir Gedo, that crossroads doubles as a runway, because the industry is about to take off.

“Israel has the ability to build a cannabis industry with a long-lasting competitive advantage,” Gedo, who comes to the industry after serving as a senior manager at a pharmaceutical company, told The Jerusalem Post in the company’s offices in Kfar Pines, near Hadera. Continue Reading »

New Strawberry Named After Slain MAGAV Policewoman


Israel’s Volcani Agricultural Institute, along with Uri Ariel, the Minister of Agriculture, honored the memory of Israel Borderguard policewoman Hadar Cohen (ז”ל), by naming a new strain of strawberry in her name.

Ilana Curie


The Volcani Agricultural Research Organization has decided to name a newly developed strawberry strain after Border Police Cpl. Hadar Cohen, who was killed in a terror attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem last February.”Hadar’s favorite fruit was strawberries,” said Hadar’s mother, Sigal.

Hadar Cohen and her mother – Photo: Volcani Institute

“The institute’s decision to register a variety of strawberries in her name has greatly moved the whole family, and the commemoration of Hadar in this manner has exceeded all our expectations. Continue Reading »

United Nations approves Israel’s agriculture resolution despite Arab obstructions


view video“Israeli innovation beat the UN’s hypocrisy.” said Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, “The need for agricultural technology in the Middle East is undeniable. Yet, as we are all painfully aware, these [Arab] gov’ts continuously put politics before people & pride before progress.” 

By Ben Ariel, Canada


The UN on Friday adopted an Israeli resolution on utilizing agricultural technology for sustainable development, with 124 votes in favor and 37 abstentions.

United Nations Headquarters – Photo: Thinkstock

The adoption of the resolution marks a diplomatic achievement for Israel,especially considering the Arab group’s automatic opposition to any Israeli resolution.

The resolution was adopted after complex diplomatic efforts that took place over several months. Continue Reading »

KKL-JNF Hosts Agriculture Festival in the Galilee’s Hula Lake Park


800,000 visitors celebrated ‘blue & white’ agriculture throughout  Keren Kayemeth – Jewish National Fund parks this past Sukkoth.



Around 800,000 visitors packed KKL-JNF sites all over Israel during the Sukkot holiday, including the many thousands who attended the Hula Lake Festival celebrating agriculture and community development in the Galilee and the Golan. Running from 29/9 to 1/10, the festival took place in parallel to, and in the spirit of, the international Milan Expo whose theme is “Feeding the World – Energy for Life.”

Agriculture Festival at Hula Lake Park. – Photo:KKL-JNF

“KKL-JNF supports the communities of northern Israel and strengthens the region.

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A score of Israeli technologies offers pragmatic solutions for future agricultural problems

Arid climate and barren land in Israel forced its settlers to find innovative ways of farming, that is helping deal with the planet’s ever-increasing demand for food.

By Robert Swift from The Media Line


Ten billion people. That is the number of mouths that farmers will have to feed in another two decades. In order to do this food production needs to increase by 70 percent.

Israeli farmer in southern Israel (File photo)
Israeli farmer in southern Israel (File photo)

“In recent years, due to the over usage of soils there are more problems with insects and diseases. At the same time, there is increased regulation on the usage of chemicals,” Yuval Fradkin, the head of Futura Graft told The Media Line.

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