Leading US media say Israel wining battles, Hamas wins war

Where as Israel’s operation is apparently strengthening Hamas’ following, leading US media outlets say Israel’s military victory may further decrease Mahmoud Abbas’ power

 They say the operation is also distracting attention from the crisis in Syria

By Yitzhak Benhorin


While Israel‘s day-to-day life is being disrupted by rockets and sirens, some US media outlets have already crowned Hamas as the winner of the current conflict.

Hamas politburo chief Mashaal. Current Palestinian leader Photo: EPA

Hamas politburo chief Mashaal. Current Palestinian leader – Photo: EPA

Veteran diplomat Aaron Miller wrote in the Foreign Policy magazine that Hamas won the war and “it doesn’t really matter if Israel wins the battle. The reason being that Hamas has trumped  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Miller noted that since the current conflicts began, US President Barack Obama has spoken with every Arab leader apart from Abbas. He stated that Hamas did not want to establish peace with Israel and that Abbas was unable to do so, even though he was the only viable partner Israel had.

According to the New York Times, “In the West Bank there is a growing sense of identification with Hamas”

Image from Foreign Policy magazine

American journalist Geoffrey Goldberg wrote that the war in Gaza signaled the beginning of a third Intifada – a rocket Intifada, adding that extremists from both sides would be pleased if Hamas gained control of the West Bank.

The New York Times reported from the West Bank about the growing sympathy towards Hamas and mockery towards the Palestinian Authority, which is rapidly losing credibility. The current leader is not President Abbas but Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal.

The New York Times quoted Robert Danin, a senior official at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, who said that: “In calling upon Egypt to rein in the Gaza leaders, Hamas’ centrality grows rather than diminishes, It is this that draws leaders from throughout the Middle East rushing to Gaza while skipping Ramallah to court the Hamas leadership.

“Yet by bypassing Ramallah and President Abbas, they further marginalize the moderate leaders as the proper address for resolving problems.”


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