Lebanon Army defuses Grads found & aimed at Israel – Syrian gunfire on Israel border

Lebanese security forces discovered rockets positioned just four km from border, set to fire as act of solidarity with Gazans

By Roi Kais & Yoav Zitun


Lebanese security forces on Monday discovered two Grad rockets that were aimed at Israel in the southern region of Mazraat Halta, the official Daily Star news agency reported.

Photo: Avihu Shapira

A source told the agency that the rockets, which were found just four kilometers from the Israeli border, were defused by security forces. He said the rockets could reach seven kilometers into Israel if launched in full power.

Security sources hinted that those who placed the rockets may have been planning to launch them toward Israel as an act of solidarity with the residents of Gaza.

Also on Monday, shots were fired from Syria toward an IDF force patrolling the border near the Tel Hazeka outpost in the central Golan Heights. There were no reports of any injuries to IDF soldiers in the incident. The IDF did not return fire.

During similar incidents which occurred last week and over the weekend, soldiers returned fire into Syrian territory.

The army estimates that all of the recent errant shooting from Syria at Israeli territory is part of the fighting between Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar Assad and rebels who want to overthrow him.


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