Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority Condemned by US Republican Presidential Candidates


Both Cruz and Rubio blast frontrunner Trump’s proposed ‘neutrality’, insisting they’ll remain supportive of Israel against the ‘murderous’ Palestinian Authority.

By Israel Today Staff


With Super Tuesday, the biggest day in the US presidential primaries, fast approaching (March 1), candidates on the Republican side are looking to bolster their pro-Israel credentials and win the Evangelical Christian vote.

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Earlier this month, frontrunner Donald Trump suggested he’d be “neutral” in his dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.

One of his top challengers, Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), said at a rally in Houston on Wednesday that he’d take the exact opposite approach.

“…the Palestinian Authority…has strong links to terror, they teach little kids, 5-year-olds, that it’s a glorious thing to kill Jews,” noted Rubio, insisting that America must side with Israel.

Not to be outdone, the other leading contender, Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), said his view on the topic went far beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“I am not neutral between murderers and the innocent citizens murderers are targeting. I am not neutral at home or abroad between radical Islamic terrorists and the targets of their terror.”


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  1. Francois says:

    I like the stance of Cruz and Rubio. They will use Trump’s position against him, as any good politicians would. But it is not really accurate to say that Trump cares less about Israeli lives. He has said that he prefers to be neutral going into any negotiation, not having ruled out any possible solution between the parties beforehand. He also has said that one side in the conflict is committing terrible acts (Palestinians) and a solution may not be possible. It would be the most difficult negotiation he has ever attempted. All Israel has to do is say no if it does not like any proposed solution. Trump is not Obama. He has no vendetta against Israel.

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