Mere Feet From IDF, Syrian Jihadis with Antiaircraft Gun Watch & Film

Apparently Assad has lost control of the area as rebel Syrian gunmen’s video, on Golan border, shows IDF patrol passing by just a few dozen feet away.

By Gil Ronen


Syrian jihadist rebels from the Al Furkan Regiments have posted an Internet video that shows them just a few dozen feet away from an IDF patrol, on the Israel-Syria border.

IDF patrol seen from rebel positionAccording to Yoni Alper of Terror Watch, the video was shot next to a UN position and a man seen may be a UN soldier.

The location of the video is Kakhtania, which is a part of Kuneitra, on the Golan Heights.

The jihadists were travelling in a truck with an anti-aircraft gun mounted on it. The jihadis appear to be boasting and praising Allah for having reached the location.

Channel 2 television reported Wednesday that Bashar Assad’s forces have lost control of the area along the Israeli border.

Terror Watch video


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