Meryl Streep Takes Subtle Swipe at Israel During Golden Globes Speech



Staunch liberal advocate Meryl Streep conspicuously identified foreign born actors by city and country in her unsolicited political acceptance speech, but when it came to Natalie Portman, she neglected to say, ‘Israel’.

By Israel Today Staff


While accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes earlier this week, actress Meryl Streep went on a rant about how terrible she thinks Donald Trump is.

Meryl Streep’s Speech The 2017 Golden Globes – Photo: YouTube screenshot

Undetected until a couple days later was that Streep also took a subtle jab at Israel.

During her tirade, Streep began listing actors who were born outside of the United States. It was meant to shame Trump for his alleged anti-immigrant views.

As she named off each actor, Streep noted where he or she was born, including the city and country.

For instance, “Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy… And the beautiful Ruth Negga was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia…”

But when Streep got to actress Natalie Portman, she simply mentioned that the star “was born in Jerusalem.”

It might seem like a minor omission. But it is the same omission the US State Department makes on all documents issued by its consulate in Jerusalem. The city is never paired with the country, Israel. Because Washington and Hollywood don’t accept that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Jews.


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