Moscow protests Israeli ‘unprovoked attack’ on Syria

Addressing reports of Israeli strike in Syria, Russia says it is ‘concerned about  attacks on the territory of a sovereign country.’

Hezbollah demands int’l condemnation of ‘aggressive, criminal’ Israel



Russia said on Thursday it was very concerned about reports of an Israeli attack in Syria and that any such action, if confirmed, would amount to unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country.

Soviet made SA-17 anti-aircraft rocketsThe remarks were issued as Hezbollah called on the international community to condemn the alleged strike.

“If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Sources told Reuters on Wednesday that Israeli warplanes had bombed a convoy near Syria’s border with Lebanon, apparently targeting weapons destined for Hezbollah in what some called a warning to Damascus not to arm Israel’s Lebanese enemy.

Syrian state television accused Israel of bombing a military research center at Jamraya, between Damascus and the nearby border. Syrian rebels disputed that, saying their forces had attacked the site.

Russia has been trying to shield Syrian President Bashar Assad from international pressure to end the civil war against opposition forces that has ravaged the country over 22 months and killed an estimated 60,000 people. Moscow has repeatedly spoken against any foreign interference in Syria, especially military action.


‘Attack typical of Israel’s criminal ways’

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah terror organization released a statement condemning the “Israeli attacks on the scientific research center in Syria.” The statement said that “the attack is in line with Israel’s aggressive and criminal ways and was made in accordance to a policy which attempts to prevent any Arab or Muslim force to develop its military and technological capabilities.”

In its statement the Shiite terror organization claimed that “the attack exposes the background to what has been going on in Syria for years, and the criminal intention to destroy Syria and its army, and undermine its central role on the resistance front.”

It also said: “The attack requires wide-scale condemnation from the international community and the Arab and Muslim states.

Nevertheless, it also claimed that “we are accustomed to the international community swallowing its tongue and remaining silent, not condemning or taking a stand when Israel is the aggressor.”

Hassan Nasrallah’s organization also expressed solidarity with the Syrian people, the Syrian leadership and the Syrian army.

They said, in an implied message to the rebel forces, that “some elements should be aware of the severity of the attack against Syria.”

“This aggression should lead to a re-examination of their stance and to adopt political dialogue as the only basis to a solution meant to end the shedding of Syrian blood, in order to keep Syria and protect its role in the fight against the enemies.”


Reuters contributed to this report.

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