Muslims Openly Attack Jews on the Streets of Lyon

Two Jews were suddenly attacked on the streets as they walked to their synagogue on Saturday.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Anti-Semitism continues to plague France. According to local media outlets in Lyon, two Jewish residents of the city were attacked Saturday as they walked to a local synagogue.

Attack on Hassidim (illustrative) - Screenshot

Attack on Hassidim (illustrative) – Screenshot

The two were attacked by three men of Arab origin in an unprovoked, sudden assault.

The two Jews shouted for help. Neighbors began to arrive at the scene, and the attackers fled.

Police arrived as well, and began to investigate. They discovered that the attack had been captured on film by security cameras at a nearby store. Investigators expressed hope that the film would lead to the attackers’ quick capture.

One year ago attackers brutalized three Jewish men in an unprovoked assault in Lyon. Two of the victims were hospitalized.

A short time later the Chief Rabbi of Lyon received a letter threatening attacks on Jews.


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  1. Julien Toto says:

    I did not find anything in the french media about this attack – please provide your sources. Below similar reports in the french media, but again, nothing for last Saturday. So I wonder why this attack last Saturday is reported nowhere at all. Do you have more information? (2012!)

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