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French President Macron: France to adopt int’l definition of anti-Semitism

Acknowledging a “resurgence of anti-Semitism (in France) that is probably unprecedented since World War II,” President Emmanuel Macron vows that his government will seek to adopt the international definition of anti-Semitism and he promised to enact legislation to combat online hate speech.

Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


The French government will adopt an international organization’s definition of anti-Semitism and propose a law to reduce hate speech from being circulated online, French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday.

Macron, speaking at the annual dinner of a Jewish organization, said France and other parts of Europe have seen in recent years “a resurgence of anti-Semitism that is probably unprecedented since World War II.” Continue Reading »

French MP Habib tells Le Pen: Israel is ‘Life Insurance’ for world’s Jews


MP Meyer Habib blasts far-right politician’s proposal to ban dual-citizenship as unconstitutional and unconscionable, saying, “If this country [Israel] existed 70 years ago, there would not have been a Holocaust.”



A French Jewish MP on Sunday reminded presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of “Europe’s unremitting debt to the Jewish people” after the far-right politician raised objections to dual-citizenship, which, if enforced, would require French Israelis to choose between the two countries.

“You can’t ask Jews to choose between their mother and father,” Meyer Habib, who represents expats in Israel and other Mediterranean countries, told The Jerusalem Post while slamming the proposal as unconstitutional. Continue Reading »

Paris regional council adopts amendment that outlaws funding BDS promoters


“In accordance with the law, I will not tolerate any form of boycotts against Israel in the Ile-de-France region,” said the council’s president, Valérie Pécresse of the UMP party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.



A regional council in France that includes Paris passed a precedent-setting amendment that excludes funding from promoters of boycotts against Israel.

Anti-Israel demonstrators march behind BDS banner in Marseille. - Photo: AFP

Anti-Israel demonstrators march behind BDS banner in Marseille. – Photo: AFP

The council of the Ile-de-France region, where right-wing parties have a majority, adopted the amendment Thursday, the Le Monde Juif website reported the following day.

In France, several dozen promoters of a boycott against Israel have been convicted of inciting hate, or discrimination.

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Parisian public schools have become no-go zones for Jews, facilitating mass emigration


In addition to the violent acts lashed out on the Jewish students, watchdogs in France are reporting for the first time in decades a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents involving teachers – as victims & the perpetrators.

By Cnaan Liphshiz


PARIS (JTA) — Twenty-five years after he graduated from a public high school in the French capital, Stephane Tayar recalls favorably his time in one of the world’s most thorough education systems.

French forces stationed outside Jewish school - Twitter.

French forces stationed outside Jewish school – Twitter.

As for many other French Jews his age, the state-subsidized upbringing has worked out well for Tayar, a 43-year-old communications and computers specialist. Continue Reading »

Survivor of French anti-Semitic stabbing qualified for elite IDF brigade


Last week, Jonathan Weinberg, who was 13 when a group of youths attacked him for being Jewish, earned his purple beret as a Givati fighter in the IDF. “I realized that if Jews are brutalized for being Jews, France is no place for me.” he said.

By Danny Brenner


Jonathan Weinberg was only 13 when he fell victim of a violent anti-Semitic attack by a group of French youths. Today, Weinberg is 24, an Israeli citizen, and last Thursday he received the purple beret reserved for new members of the Israel Defense Forces’ Givati combat infantry brigade.

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France’s PM Valls condemns BDS for turning ‘Criticism of Israel into anti-Semitism’



The French government firmly condemns boycotts of Israel, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls this week said, warning against the phenomenon of organizations criticizing Israeli policies turning to anti-Semitic activities.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls leaves after a speech to present a plan to fight racism and anti-Semitism at the Prefecture in Creteil near Paris April 17, 2015. – Photo: REUTERS

Valls made his statement Wednesday in response to a question from French MP Meyer Habib, who pointed out the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel is active in France despite laws against boycotts, and called for better enforcement. Continue Reading »

ISIS Supporters Stab Jewish Schoolteacher in France


While threatening & hurling anti-Semitic curses, 3 assailants who professed support for ISIS violently attacked, stabbing a Jewish schoolteacher in Marseilles.

By Cynthia Blank


A Jewish schoolteacher was wounded in a stabbing attack in the southern French city of Marseilles on Wednesday night, AFP reports.

Anti-Semitic graffiti – Reuters

The victim has been named as Tzion Saadon, a follower of Chabad in his 50s.

French police said Saadon, a history teacher at a local Jewish day school, was walking in the 13th District of Marseilles at around 8 p.m. when he was violently attacked by three men carrying knives. Continue Reading »

Despite being a wanted Nazi war criminal, Mufti of Jerusalem ‘mysteriously’ escaped the French


view video clip belowHitler provided Haj Amin al-Husseini, who later sponsored Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, with a budget of 750,000 Reichsmark per month to foment Jihad in Palestine.

Dr. Tsilla Hershco


During the recent uproar over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks on the WWII-era grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the media failed to underline the important fact that although the mufti had collaborated with the Nazis, he was never brought to trial. The story of his detention in France and his subsequent escape is little known to the public, but has significant repercussions. 

Pushing for Genocide, Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini intervened to reroute children heading to Palestine, which were sent to the gas chambers instead.

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France preparing ‘Palestine’ recognition

Following a meeting between French FM Fabius & his PA counterpart in Paris, the French Foreign Ministry released a statement indicating Paris was setting the groundwork for French recognition of “Palestine.”



Indications the French do not intend to bring a Middle East peace resolution to the UN Security Council in the coming months were strengthened Tuesday after Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met his Palestinian Authority counterpart and made no mention of the resolution in a statement after the meeting.

French Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius (R) welcomes his Palestinian counterpart Riyad Al-Malki (L). – Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP

Following a meeting in Paris between Fabius and PA Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki, the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement that indicated Paris was beginning to set the groundwork for future French recognition of “Palestine.” Continue Reading »

Palestinian Official Claims France Abandoned UN Peace Talk Initiative 

PA Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki claims France was pressured to drop its proposal that advanced a UN resolution that forces resumption of peace talks.

By Elad Benari


The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki said Tuesday that a French diplomatic bid to advance a United Nations resolution to restart the peace process between Israel and the PA has been abandoned by France, Haaretz reports.

However, senior PA officials in Ramallah later told the newspaper that al-Malki’s comments were not entirely accurate, and were based more on his analysis of the updates he had received on the matter than on information from an official decision by Paris. Continue Reading »

France’s PM Valls calls on country’s Muslims to “name the enemy”

‘Anti-Semitism, hate speech, hiding behind hatred of Israel and delivering hideous sermons’ are not Islam, says the French PM, calling to show the world that ‘Islam & France are fully compatible’.

By AFP & Ynet


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called on France’s Muslims on Monday to “name the enemy”, referring to jihadist and extremist groups.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (Photo: AFP)
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls – Photo: AFP


“It has to be stated that all this is not Islam,” Valls said, citing “hate speech, anti-Semitism hiding behind anti-Zionism and hatred of Israel, hideous sermons, self-proclaimed imams in our neighborhoods, our prisons which promote violence and terrorism, who participate in this criminal enterprise which lures hundreds of young people to jihad.” Continue Reading »

France threatens Israel with 18-month deadline for peace talks with Palestinians

French plan demands solution for Arab refugees, withdrawal of the IDF from West Bank & a demand for Palestinians to recognize Israel as Jewish state.
• According to French initiative, if sides fail to reach agreement by deadline, Paris will officially recognize State of Palestine.

By Itamar Eichner


France is pushing forward with its Middle East peace initiative, shortening the deadline for Israeli-Palestinian talks from two years to 18 months, French magazine Le Figaro reported on Wednesday.

French President Hollande meets with Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah – Photo: Reuters

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius recently presented the Arab League with a detailed plan to renew peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

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France to Revive UNSC Resolution to Force Israel-PA Peace Talks

France moves to restart a UN Security Council resolution to renew deadlocked Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects.

By Elad Benari, Canada


France plans to begin talks at the United Nations on a new Security Council resolution to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday, according to the AFP news agency.

Laurent Fabius – Reuters

Fabius told reporters at UN headquarters in New York that discussions on a text would start “in the coming days.”

The Security Council in December rejected a resolution that would have set a deadline for reaching a final peace deal and pave the way to the creation of a Palestinian state.

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French Foreign Minister: Tehran’s nuclear commitments are ‘bad deal’

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday that far more work needs to be done, Iran’s commitments simply do not go far enough.


Commitments offered by Iran in talks with six world powers on its nuclear program do not go far enough and more work needs to be done, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.

Snowflakes fall as Republican Guards stand in formation in the courtyard of the Elysee Palace. – Photo: REUTERS

Fabius said he had invited US Secretary of State John Kerry, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the foreign ministers of Germany and Britain to Paris on Saturday to review the state of the Iran nuclear negotiations. Continue Reading »

Madonna: Intolerance in France is ‘Scary, Feels Like Nazi Germany’

Int’l pop-star warns “anti-Semitism is at an all-time high” in France,”The level of intolerance is so enormous, it’s scary.”

By Ben Ariel


Pop star Madonna told French radio on Thursday that “intolerance” was now so high in France and Europe that “it feels like Nazi Germany,” according to the AFP news agency.

Madonna – Reuters

Speaking to Europe 1 radio in an interview to be aired Friday morning, Madonna said “anti-Semitism is at an all-time high” in France and elsewhere in Europe, and likened the current atmosphere to the period when German fascism was on the ascent.

“We’re living in crazy times.

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