Naftali ennett: Likud wants Habayit Hayehudi out of coalition

Naftali Bennett wrote on his Facebook page, that the alliance with Lapid meant to ‘prevent gov’t that will deal obsessively with peace talks’

By Moran Azulay


Against the backdrop of the difficult coalition negotiations, Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett offered his take on the complicated relations with the ruling Likud-Beiteinu party and his alliance with Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid.

Bennett wrote on Facebook Sunday that the alliance is meant to prevent the establishment of a government without the religious Zionists that would make concessions to the Palestinians during peace negotiations.

Without Habayit Hayehudi or Yesh Atid, which won a combined 31 mandates in the January elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have difficulties forming a new coalition. Bennett said his party decided to work in coordination with Yair Lapid “because of Likud’s decision to keep Habayit Hayehudi out of the government. Without this coordination, a Livni-Kadima-Shas-Yesh Atid-Likud-Beiteinu government would have been established, without religious Zionism or Habayit Hayehudi.


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