Netanyahu asks Obama: If Iranian Nuclear Deal Keeps Israel Safe Why Hide the Details?

Both US spokespersons Earnest & Psaki claimed the hiding of information from Israel is old policy, but the P5+1 means the US plus China, Russia, Britain, France & Germany, so Israel’s friends that protect it, inform Israel, which is how Israel knows the deal is a ‘bad deal’.

By Ari Yashar


After US President Barack Obama’s administration admitted on Wednesday to withholding details of the Iran nuclear deal from Israel, and accusing Israel of misrepresenting the talks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded on Thursday saying Israel knows the details of the planned nuclear deal.

Binyamin Netanyahu in Lod – Screenshot

Speaking at the Public Security Ministry in Lod, Netanyahu remarked “we know that Tehran knows the details of the talks. Now I tell you that Israel also knows the details of the proposed agreement.

“I think this is a bad agreement that is dangerous for the state of Israel, and not just for it,” said Netanyahu. Hinting at the talk of hidden details, he added “if anyone thinks otherwise what is there to hide here?”

The comments come after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday the US is not making the negotiation “public” to Israel.

He said the reason for this is that “there is a continued practice of cherry-picking specific pieces of information and using them out of context to distort the negotiating position of the United States,” in a jab at the Jewish state.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki clarified that negotiating details are being withheld from Israel, saying “I think it’s safe to say that not everything you’re hearing from the Israeli government is an accurate reflection of the details of the talks. There’s a selective sharing of information.”

While Earnest and Psaki both claimed the hiding of information from Israel is old policy, US officials “more directly involved in the talks” were quoted by Associated Press as saying the policy is only several weeks old.

The back-and-forth over the deal comes as Netanyahu is posed to address the US Congress on March 3 and warn against the looming nuclear deal, ahead of a March 31 deadline for the talks between the Islamic regime and world powers.

Under the deal, Netanyahu has warned Iran would be left with nuclear breakout capability, allowing it to rapidly obtain a nuclear weapon in the near future. Iran last July claimed it “needs” 19 times more nuclear centrifuges than the number offered by world powers, demanding 190,000 centrifuges.


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