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Israel’s Cabinet Informed That World Leaders Yielding to Iran’s Intransigence

PM Netanyahu denounced repeated concessions stemming from Iran’s stubbornness while Minister Steinitz told cabinet, inspection system is flawed, allowing Iran the time to cover up any of many possible illegal activities.

By Reuters


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused world powers on Sunday of stepping up concessions to Iran to enable a deal by June 30 on curbing its nuclear program even as Tehran balks at demands for heightened UN inspections.

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani (Photo: AP)President of Iran Hassan Rouhani – Photo: AP

Netanyahu has argued that the agreement in the works would not deny Iran, which says its nuclear projects are peaceful, the means of making a bomb, while granting it sanctions relief that could help bankroll its guerrilla allies in the region. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu’s predictions actualizing as Saudi prince says deal with Iran risks local arms race

In warning that a nuclear deal with Iran will spur nuclear proliferation in the Gulf, former Saudi intelligence chief says, ‘If Iran is allowed the ability to enrich uranium… we’ll want the same.’

By Ynet


Any terms that world powers grant Iran under a nuclear deal will be sought by Saudi Arabia and other countries, risking wider proliferation of atomic technology, a senior Saudi prince warned on Monday in a BBC interview.

US Secretary of State John Kerry in Riyadh – Photo: AFP

“I’ve always said whatever comes out of these talks, we will want the same,” said Prince Turki al-Faisal, who has previously served as head of Saudi intelligence and Riyadh’s ambassador to Washington and London but is no longer a government official. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu Furious: Iran Advances Towards Nuclear Bomb While US Procrastinates

The latest IAEA report justifies Israel’s concerns that Iran is secretly advancing their nuclear weapons program while Obama administration is engulfed in tedious political games & fruitless diplomatic talks.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday was astonished that even as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) once again acknowledges in its latest report that Iran is likely building a nuclear bomb, the West, led by the Obama Administration, remains mired in fruitless diplomatic talks with Tehran.

Israel’s PM Netanyahu Furious: Iran Builds Bomb While the West Just Talk – Israel Today

In its report dated last Thursday, the IAEA detailed that at the facilities and programs open to it, Iran appears to be complying with international demands regarding its nuclear program.

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Netanyahu asks Obama: If Iranian Nuclear Deal Keeps Israel Safe Why Hide the Details?

Both US spokespersons Earnest & Psaki claimed the hiding of information from Israel is old policy, but the P5+1 means the US plus China, Russia, Britain, France & Germany, so Israel’s friends that protect it, inform Israel, which is how Israel knows the deal is a ‘bad deal’.

By Ari Yashar


After US President Barack Obama’s administration admitted on Wednesday to withholding details of the Iran nuclear deal from Israel, and accusing Israel of misrepresenting the talks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded on Thursday saying Israel knows the details of the planned nuclear deal.

Binyamin Netanyahu in Lod – Screenshot

Speaking at the Public Security Ministry in Lod, Netanyahu remarked “we know that Tehran knows the details of the talks.
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