Newest revolutionary suitcase since the addition of wheels

The FUGU LUGGAGE suitcase designed in Jerusalem gives you a choice when traveling. It can expand from carry-on to check-in & do so much more!


There are so many “why didn’t I think of that” crowdfunding campaigns now underway that choosing which one(s) to support has never been tougher.

Fugu Luggage Expandable Suitcase - Screenshot

Fugu Luggage Expandable Suitcase – Screenshot

On the one hand, the Jerusalem team behind Fugu Luggage Expandable Suitcase can breathe a sigh of relief that its idea will become a reality, having already surpassed the initial $50,000 campaign goal.

But you can still join the community of backers behind this adjustable patented suitcase. The Fugu – with its built-in shelves that can be attached or collapsed at any time – will likely kick off a revolution in luggage product design … if it hasn’t already



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