PA Official: Palestinian Kids Have Right to Stone Jews


Palestinian gov’t official condemns jail terms in Israel for minors who stone Jews, insisting that it’s a right of every Palestinian child.

By Israel Today Staff


Earlier this month, Israel’s Knesset enacted a minimum prison term for minors who throw stones and firebombs at vehicles. An outraged Palestinian Authority called the measure “punitive and racist.”

Palestinian prepare for terror attack, dropping huge stones on passing cars.

Stoning attacks in Israel go largely unreported, but on average there are several such incidents every day. The perpetrators are usually Palestinian Arab youth, and their victims are almost always Israeli Jewish motorists.


A number of these attacks have resulted in severe injuries and deaths, including Jewish children.

Gal Hirsh's car

There are certain areas of Jerusalem that the police, ambulances and other public services simply won’t enter for fear of being stoned.

But engaging in such violence is the “right” of every Palestinian Arab child, insisted the Palestinian Authority’s Committee on Prisoners.

The committee accused the Israelis of attempting to “deprive Palestinian children of their ability to exercise their rights in an attempt to kill their sense of belonging to their land.”


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