Palestinian Authority & Hamas urges Obama to stop siding with Israel

PA president Abbas calls on president Obama to put an end to ‘Israeli occupation,’ while Hamas asks him to stop bias

By Elior Levy

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas joined world leaders on Wednesday in congratulating Barack Obama for being elected for a second term in the White House, and expressed hope the US president would help instate the two-state solution.

Mahmoud Abbas Photo: AP

Mahmoud Abbas – Photo: AP

Abbas’ chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said that “Obama must take action to dry out the swamp that is the Israeli occupation, because this is the key to democracy.”

In a statement, Erekat stated that the PA has decided to submit its bid for UN recognition this month, “and we hope that Obama stands by the Palestinians.”

“He should put a halt to the Israeli settlement policies and avoid impeding the Palestinian efforts at the UN,” he said.

Erekat further stated that the American president must realize that war and military operations don’t lead to peace and stability.


‘Stop the bias’

Hamas echoed PA’s sentiment, calling on Obama to alter the way the US deals with Palestinian and Arab issues.

Barack Obama – Photo: AFP

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Obama should restore political balance, stop the “bias” towards Israel and take Palestinian rights into account.

The Islamic Jihad addressed the US election results as well, saying that the Palestinians won’t benefit from Obama’s victory, but conceded that support for Israel is deeply rooted within the American foreign policy, regardles of who is president.

“No matter who is elected, the American strategy for the Palestinian issue won’t change because Israel is an American ally,” he said.


Roi Kais contributed to the report.

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