Palestinian Leadership Declares War on America

In more open displays of ‘rage’, Palestinian leaders engage in public bravado and muster West Bank Arabs to protest and burn a Trump effigy over his administration’s peace plan. But will they dare go any further?

By Ryan Jones


If the Palestinians didn’t like the Trump Administration before, Tuesday’s publication of the “Deal of the Century” has made them completely lose their minds.

Having long ago failed in their efforts to militarily defeat Israel, a body that represents the various different Palestinian factions has now effectively declared war on America.

Doesn’t make much sense, I know. But welcome to the Middle East conflict.

Emblem of Palestinian National and Islamic Forces displays full map of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip incased between 2 Palestinian flags. – Wikimedia

The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces was formed as an umbrella organization around the start of the Second Intifada as a means of coordinating attacks on Israel. All the cool kids were there, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah and the opposition Hamas.

For years, the Forces appeared to have lapsed into obscurity with most Palestinians realizing that their campaign of terrorist violence had failed to cow the Jewish state, or to garner the hoped-for sympathy from a war-weary international community.

But the group again reared its head back in September, when it managed to thwart a meeting between US Embassy officials and Palestinian business leaders, thus demonstrating that the Forces still had teeth.

In its public reaction to President Trump’s new peace plan, the Palestinian group said that “from the moment the plan is published all US interests will be on our target list,” reported the Tazpit Press Service.

In the West Bank, Palestinians preparing to hoist and then burn Trump & Pence effigies in effort to humiliate them. – Facebook

Again, the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces is an umbrella group. It has no “fighters” of its own. So, it remains to be seen if the various factions that belong to the Forces will actually follow through on such an ill-advised threat. But to be certain, given Trump’s temperament, that would be a bad move, indeed.

Just ask Qasem Soleimani.


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