Palestinian leadership proves it doesn’t care about having a viable state

Known for consistently rejecting a sovereign state at every opportunity, WHY is the Palestinian leadership rigorously sabotaging a record $50 billion economic infusion plan facilitated by the international community that would guarantee the economic viability of their future state?

By Phillip Pasmanick


Palestinian kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas continues to rebuff the Trump Team’s creation of a “master fund” to administer the $50B plan that will implement monumental national projects modeled after the Marshall Plan (that rebuilt Europe after World War II) knowing full well it will reduce Palestinian poverty by 50% and bring down their sky-high unemployment rate to single digits.

So WHY? This multi-national project, that includes the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the EU, the US and numerous Arabs states would take years to completely change the characteristic fabric of Palestinian culture, that of ‘ever-suffering victims deserving of world fiscal assistance in perpetuity.’

Knowing it would take years, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to begin this stage of their metamorphosis first? Then, for the very first time since the PLO came into being in mid-1964, the Palestinians would have a functioning, viable economy to support independence. That would have been the smart move. – And so say Donald Trump, Jarod Kushner and all the money-men who worked on this project for the past two years.


Why do the Palestinian kleptocrats always have a ‘reason’ ready for outrightly rejecting offers of sovereignty every time a possible peace agreement is at hand?

It has to do with funding, which explains how Arafat and his successor Mahmoud Abbas both became billionaires.  Their families and close supporting associates, who have all been elevated into the PLO & PA leadership, have all become mega-millionaires.

Follow the money:

On November 22, 1974 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 3236, which included the Question of Palestine, a PLO drafted resolution adopted by the Seventh Arab League Summit Conference held in Rabat, Morocco a month earlier, on 28 October 1974.

Arafat’s resolution made the “PLO [the] sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people” by over 100 states with which it went on to hold diplomatic relations. Also in 1974 the PLO attained ‘observer status’ at the United Nations.

So, as the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,” the PLO opened a bank account, where international financial aid from over 100 countries, states, emirates, institutions and organizations was deposited.

Although the Palestinian Authority was born when the PLO negotiated the Oslo Accords with Israel in 1993, the PLO ‘never closed their doors,’ …. except their office in Washington, by order of the Trump administration in September 2018. But the PLO is alive and well, with monies from the four corners of the globe going into their account.

It is said that like Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas has held autocratic power in the PA, PLO and Fatah to maintain control of the cash.

PA kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas (left) and his arch-nemesis Mohammed Dahlan (right)

Abbas’ sworn enemy, Mohammed Dahlan, was banished from Fatah when accused of siphoning off millions from the account without Abbas’ approval. With his excommunication from the Palestinian territories and forced exile, Abbas is said to now be the only one who knows ‘who gives… how much… and who receives’.

So, no one outside of Abbas is privy to how much goes in, how much goes out, and where the billions have ended up for at least 15 years.

Once a viable State of Palestine is established, with a state treasury, ministers and oversight, the PLO will have outlived its mandate having fulfilled its mission.

Keeping the PLO alive

In the middle of the night, Yasser Arafat snuck out of the 2000 Camp David peace summit sponsored by then US President Bill Clinton, then returned home to ignite the second intifada that rekindled the conflict.

Mahmoud Abbas’ policy [‘Pay to Slay’] to pay would-be assassins of Israelis is his highest national priority. It maintains the conflict by incentivizing attacks with generous monthly pensions.

Both leaders have learned that the outbreak of violence and confrontations with Israel facilitates additional financial support. (No one appreciates that more than Hamas!)


There is a reason why autocrat Abbas surrounds himself with the ‘old-guard’ members of the PLO & Fatah in key governmental positions of the Palestinian Authority, who, by the way, are all extremely wealthy, as well as their children.

There is a reason why PLO/PA underlings always step up to the microphone to adamantly defend Abbas’ excuses for declining or ‘sabotaging’ peace talks [whether they are directed at Clinton, Obama, or Trump], and it’s because these mega-millionaires have become attached to their exciting and privileged lifestyles.

They are all wealthy kleptocrats, gangsters at best and terrorists at worst, and they will never facilitate a path to statehood….it simply doesn’t pay.

The Objective:

So, let us suppose that the PLO is the ‘nest‘ and the financiers of the ‘Palestinian cause’ are the ‘Golden Goose.’  That would mean the ‘Golden Eggs‘ need to be divvied out to 300-500 PLO & Fatah gangsters by their boss, Mahmoud Abbas, in order to accommodate the hardy appetites of the Palestinian leadership. (This by the way, infuriates Hamas, who is not a member of the PLO.)

The Stratagem:

Under the tutelage of the KGB, the PLO invented the ‘Palestinian People’ in 1964 in order to neutralize the Jewish people’s claim to the Land of Israel. The Islamic world was mobilized by the Arab League and financed by OPEC to advance the ‘Palestinian cause’ which they did at the United Nations.

The entire world was to be indoctrinated with the Arab’s revisionist history on a global effort and paid wholeheartedly, with the windfall billions of petrodollars made in the early to mid-1970’s. This was assisted and supported by then President Jimmy Carter who received massive Saudi backing to initiate Habitat for Humanity, as well as his mischievous brother Billy, who was forced to register as a foreign agent of the Libyan government after receiving millions.

Fifty years later, to achieve the PLO’s objective [of the “liberation of Palestine” through armed struggle], a new generation has been born and breastfed on the hatred of Jews for ‘stealing’ the Land of Israel from Islam, and the displacement of millions of so-called indigenous Arabs.
(On June 6, 1968 the Palestinians assassinated the United States’ leading presidential contender to keep the truth silenced. – Read the ‘Postscript‘)

The hatred that was meticulously cultivate was the fuel to fatten the ‘Golden Goose’.

Target Achieved 

So now, 5 million Palestinians are indoctrinated and exploited by the PLO with hatred of Jews to maintain a century old conflict… just so the “Golden Goose” provides the Palestinian leadership with the ability to skim a luxurious living.





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