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The Palestinians will never make peace with Israel & the EU & US can’t make them

UPDATED Analysis:
The Palestinian kleptocrats will never break from their ‘Resistance’ and accept Statehood as long as the ‘Palestinian Narrative’ continues to make them multi-BILLIONAIR€$, extremely powerful and welcomed by world leaders.

By Phillip Pasmanick


The only way to change what has been going on for the past few decades, is get statehood for the Arabs; design a workable infrastructure of services & production, and have a viable economy stimulated by taxes and an efficient government.  But, a number of existing dynamics are currently in play (and well oiled), that are in direct contradiction to such a hearty goal.

Kill Jews

Both Hamas TV and Palestinian Authority TV, lead by Abbas teach hatred and the incitement maintains the status quo: violence….which

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Palestinian whistleblower exposes Abbas’ skimming of billions for his family

BREAKING: The whistleblower, Yasser Jadalah, a former senior PA official in the office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas handed over hundreds of secret files to the EU exposing the biggest financial scam in history! BILLION$ sent in humanitarian aid for the Palestinians are secretly redirected to Abbas’ sons & grandchildren’s bank accounts.

By Yochanan Visser


A new scandal involving Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas and his closest advisers erupted this week at the same time that Hamas in Gaza was exposed as a bunch of liars over the narrative that the population in the coastal enclave is starving because of what is falsely portrayed as an Israeli blockade – in reality, non-existent – of the Strip. Continue Reading »

Palestinian leadership proves it doesn’t care about having a viable state

Known for consistently rejecting a sovereign state at every opportunity, WHY is the Palestinian leadership rigorously sabotaging a record $50 billion economic infusion plan facilitated by the international community that would guarantee the economic viability of their future state?

By Phillip Pasmanick


Palestinian kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas continues to rebuff the Trump Team’s creation of a “master fund” to administer the $50B plan that will implement monumental national projects modeled after the Marshall Plan (that rebuilt Europe after World War II) knowing full well it will reduce Palestinian poverty by 50% and bring down their sky-high unemployment rate to single digits. Continue Reading »

Bankrupt Palestinian lawmakers approve secret 67% pay raise

Palestinian public livid, but not overly surprised at their leadership known for its corruption, upon hearing of secret 2017 lavish payouts & perks, including a 67% salary hike made retroactive to 2014.
– Kept quiet for the past 2 years, the news of the unpublicized cabinet decision leaked this week when documents were posted anonymously to social media.

By The Associated Press , Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian labor market in the West Bank was limping along in 2017, with unemployment stubbornly high and economic growth slowing. But that didn’t stop the Palestinian Authority cabinet from secretly giving itself a series of lavish payouts and perks, highlighted by a 67% salary hike. Continue Reading »

Palestinians cite ‘Corruption’ as major contributor to ‘Palestinian suffering’

Fatah & Hamas leaders have become billionaires, their children mega-millionaires, and to divert the attention of the media, international leaders and international organization, all that had to be done was accuse Israel for all their misfortunes.
– WATCH a short documentary about the corruption of Palestinian leaders.



Much has been said about the sums that the Palestinian Authority spends on salaries of terrorists imprisoned in Israel and the families of “martyrs” – in other words, suicide-terrorists and those killed during their murderous operation. But when you talk to Palestinians about the misappropriation of funds allocated by the international community, the first term they use is “corruption.” Continue Reading »

West Bank Arabs see Abbas’ 50 new police jeeps from U.S. as ‘Hypocrisy’

Outraged Palestinian admits general feelings among West Bank population, “We don’t trust them [PA leadership] anymore. Their stated positions are different from their real ones…even Hamas, I don’t trust them; they are all corrupt.”



Angry Palestinians have accused their own government of “hypocrisy” over a new batch of American-made jeeps recently delivered to the Palestinian Authority’s Police Department in Ramallah.

The jeeps came from the United States Consulate in Jerusalem despite the diplomatic boycott that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas imposed on American officials. The PA has been protesting the American move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital since last December—a move many Palestinians regard as “unfair” toward their cause. Continue Reading »

Palestinians at 5 Star Hotel, $14,250 bill, with $900 “miscellaneous charges”

Luxury living for Palestinian leadership in the midst of a decade long humanitarian crisis is an old story, but racking up a $14,250.20 hotel bill, with $140.09 breakfast in bed, or a late-night room service snack costing $91.31, while cursing Trump for ‘starving the Palestinian children’ is the real, cynical face of their self-appointed kleptocratic representatives.



With the US announcing cuts in aid money to the Palestinians, one might think the Palestinian Authority would try to cut expenses, but an invoice from a hotel stay by top Palestinian officials this month indicates the exact opposite.

The document, obtained by The Jerusalem Post, shows that PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and General Intelligence Service chief Majed Faraj, as well as two lower-level officials, stayed at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, racking up a $14,250.20 bill, including room service and minibar purchases such as $42 on champagne, and a $4 Snickers bar. Continue Reading »

Syriac Orthodox bishop in Jerusalem claims Palestinians sent ‘seductress’ to entrap him

Ever since Bishop Murad Severius sued the Palestinian Authority for fraud when they used forged papers in a land transaction where the properties did not actually exist, the Palestinians have accused him of selling land to Jews, arrested him, and now, trying to ruin his reputation with sexual allegations made by a woman who happens to be the wife of a Palestinian allegedly persecuting him.

By Yishai Porat


A Syriac Orthodox bishop based in Jerusalem has claimed the Palestinian Authority had sent a call girl to him in an attempt to entrap him.

Murad Severius, 51, was investigated by police after having been accused of committing sex crimes, but the case was closed two weeks ago due to the lack of evidence. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Palestinian shocks United Nations in speech that exposes PLO lies and violence

In an epic moment that flabbergasted the Palestinian UN delegation leaving them shocked, while stunning the entire General Assembly, watch ex-Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yousef, speaking on behalf of the NGO UN Watch, expose Abbas’ Palestinian Authority as a corrupt, brutal dictatorship.

By unwatch




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WATCH: Palestinian TV accuses Jews of using sex mania to destroy spirit of Arabs


EXPOSED??? According to a Palestinian Authority broadcast, Israel has become a global threat to Arabs and Muslims in their use of sex as a weapon to destroy their spirit, while the CIA is controlling global moods through hallucinogens.



According to Palestinian Authority TV host Imad Hamato, Israel is waging war against the Muslim world via “sex mania.”

In a broadcast translated by the Palestinian Media Watch, Hamato, who was appointed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as dean of Gaza’s Al-Azhar institutes in October 2016, can be seen denouncing Israel’s threats to Muslim modesty protocols.

“Our conflict today between us and Israel is the conflict between spirit and body,” Hamato says with a green screen of Temple Mount behind him.
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UK ends paying monthly salaries to non-working Gazans & jailed Palestinian terrorists


New UK restrictions on transfer of financial aid to Mahmoud Abbas’ gov’t is meant to ensure funds deliver “maximum impact for Palestinians,” ensuring funds no longer compensate incarcerated terrorists or the families of killed terrorists.

By i24news


The United Kingdom on Friday announced that it was placing new restrictions on transfer of aid the Palestinian Authority in order to ensure it does not reach terrorists or their families.

Aid to the PA will continue, but “certain key changes will be made to ensure this funding delivers the best value for money and maximum impact for Palestinians,” said a government statement. Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch: Both Palestinian gov’ts abuse journalists, bloggers


According to NGO Human Rights Watch, Hamas authorities in Gaza and even Abbas’ Palestinian Authority police are silencing dissent and abusing journalists who go against the party line in both Gaza and the West Bank by torture Palestinian journalists in their prisons.

By The Associated Press


Palestinian authorities are silencing dissent by cracking down on free speech and abusing local journalists and activists critical of their policies, a leading international human rights group said Tuesday.

Human Rights Watch said both the Western-backed Palestinian Authority led by President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank and its rival, the ruling Islamic militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, are “arresting, abusing, and criminally charging journalists and activists who express peaceful criticism of the authorities.” Continue Reading »

Palestinian human rights activist: ‘Abbas’ Palestinian Authority is the real ‘Nakba”

view videoWATCH Interview: Ex-B’Tselem (pro-Palestinian) human rights activist surprises conference by saying, ‘Palestinians would love Israeli annexation. We’ve had enough. The real Nakba was the PA’s formation, with its corruption, it’s incitement and disregard for its people.’

By Yoni Kempinski


Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Ayyad, a former investigator for the radical leftist NGO B’Tselem, surprised a conference of Judea and Samaria researchers at Ariel University on Thursday when he revealed unofficial Palestinian views.

Arutz Sheva got the chance to speak with Ayyad about how Palestinian Arabs view the Palestinian Authority (PA), and learned he thinks most would in fact love to see Israel annex Judea and Samaria. Continue Reading »

Norway questions Abbas over aid used to fund terror


Foreign Ministry Director-General thanks Norway for making it clear to Abbas that it would not continue giving financial aid that’s passed on to jailed terrorists & their families.

By Nitsan Keidar


Foreign Ministry Director-General Dr. Dore Gold thanked Norwegian Ambassador Jon Hanssen-Bauer for his country taking Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to task over his use of foreign funds to pay jailed terrorists.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende – Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) late last month released a report revealing Abbas’s ploy to fool the West and continue receiving its annual budget from abroad for over $1 billion. Continue Reading »

EXPOSED: Abbas’ PA Continues in Billion Dollar Scam Using ‘Aid’ to Fund Terror


A new report proves how Western governments, including the U.S. & EU, continue sending mass amounts of aid to the Palestinian Authority after it was told to stop paying jailed terrorists’ salaries, pensions and benefits.

By Ari Yashar


A shocking report on Wednesday reveals that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has fooled Western governments, raking in over a billion dollars in aid from them annually despite breaching their demands that it stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners.

The report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which can be read in full here, exposes how the PA has coped since August 2014, when – in the face of demands by the US and European donor countries that it stop paying salaries to jailed terrorists – it announced it would stop the terror funding.

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