Palestinian Media Watch Charged With ‘incitement’ By Abbas’ PA For Translating Arabic into English


In a move that would make Joseph Goebbels proud:
Official Palestinian Authority media accuses watchdog group’s exposure (by translating into English) of institutionalized hatred by Palestinian Arabs against Jews, as the real ‘incitement.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has accused watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch of “incitement against the Palestinians and the Palestinian curriculum,” the group revealed Wednesday – for PMW’s work exposing the statements against Israelis and Jews in official PA media.

Last week, the head of the press office of the PA Ministry of Information, Nida Younis, attacked PMW, telling official PA TV that PMW facilitates incitement by Israeli officials.

“The Undersecretary of the [PA] Ministry of Information, [Mahmoud Khalifa], who found it necessary to produce a film about the Israeli incitement, especially now, when Dore Gold (Dir.-Gen. of Israel’s Foreign Ministry) has intensified, for instance, through the PMW organization, the incitement against the Palestinians and the Palestinian curriculum,” Younis stated.

Provided by MEMRI

One day earlier, PA news agency WAFA accused PMW of being the source of incitement against the PA, claiming that Israeli newspapers use the organization’s exposure of PA media to base reports against “against Palestinian children.”

PA official media has attacked PMW three times since the terror wave began in late September – a wave which  PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s ushered in with his own incitement against Jews and rallying cries for violence over the Temple Mount.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas:

“We bless you, we bless the Murabitin (those carrying out Ribat, religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic), we bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing.


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